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Portfolio Management Vs Passive Management In The Business Cycle? (Dissertation Sample)


This is a research paper on "Is active portfolio management outperforming passive management in the business cycle?"

The researcher has taken the opportunity for analysis of active portfolio in management outperformance and passive management in the business cycle. For this analysis, the dissertation has been divided into three chapters
In the first chapter, a Literature review of Active Portfolio Management, Passive portfolio Management, Common practices of US fund and the Business cycle has been discussed. The impact of mutual funds in the market and financial sector and history of fund market has been described. In the chapter, the management of the portfolio in the context of active and passive way has been described.
In chapter two, the research methodology used for the research has been discussed. In this research two methodologies have been used that is Desk research and Empirical research. Desk research methodology has been used as the data is collected from the existing resource which helped to reduce the time and cost of the research, it is performed at the starting phase of the market research. Empirical research has been used which is based on observation and phenomenon which are measures and derivation of knowledge from experience.
In chapter three, the research design, research philosophy, research approach and data collection and analysis method which is used has been described. In this research descriptive design, deductive approach and secondary research philosophy have been used. In the research secondary data collection method and qualitative data collection method has been used. This research includes the active and passive portfolio analysis along with performance analysis.



Management summary
It has provided me with great satisfaction to make the final submission of research which focuses on "Is active portfolio management outperforming passive management in the business cycle?”. I am grateful to the fellow members who helped me in the successful completion of the project.
I would like to express thanks to people who guided me in preparation of this research. I would like to thanks my higher authority, who guided me in this research. I would like to appreciate the respondents of the survey and interview and cooperated in the collection of data efficiently and effectively.
Thank You,
Portfolio management system is the most essential and important part of any of the financial management sector. The financial world is too much dynamic and it has scope to invent more and more for the new investors. Financial sector always works on the functionalities of the fundraising techniques. The total finance sector is based on two of the portfolio management system which is Active portfolio management and passive portfolio management. According to Sicotte, Drouin & Delerue (2014), multiple ways of handling the different portfolios are available in the market. Both of the portfolio management system has huge supporters. Inactive portfolio management system, there is an aim of gaining a huge amount of positive returns for the recent market. The aim of the particular portfolio management system is to find the mispriced assets from the market. This particular portfolio management is always preferable for the investors.
Passive portfolio management is all about the index of the investing strategy. This technique usually follows the exact actions of a very particular index. In a particular finance index, stocks and securities are the main issues for the investors. These two particular criteria always lie on the same index. Depending on the analysis of those two portfolios management system a large number of researchers always works on the particular topic. According to Kaiser, El Arbi & Ahlemann (2015), as portfolio management is the only criteria of making a good investment, the financial sector always get in touch with the recent development over the portfolio management system.
Project Scope and Limitations
Portfolio management is a non-ending process. It is always subjected to a dynamic activity in the finance sector. The performance of a particular portfolio management system is always be monitored by the finance sector. It always makes a comparison with the latest market condition. The objective of the investors is always the identification technique of the portfolio management system. Wu, Wermers & Zechner (2016) opined that one of the main scopes of the portfolio management is to evaluate the total portfolio income which is based on two of the very important financial criteria namely targets and achievement. Investors always deal with the targets of the finance which turns into success when the targets are changes to achievement. Revision of the target portfolio is very important for the finance sector. The goal of the portfolio management is to make a proper investment in the market applying which a good market return is expected. Various scopes are there in the finance market which is directly linked with the portfolio management system.

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