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Mental Health after Domestic Abuse Relationship (Dissertation Sample)


Writing dissertation about mental health after domestic abuse relationship


Mental Health after Domestic Abuse Relationship
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Whenever individuals are subjected to any form of abuse it is likely that they may suffer from various mental health issue afterward. Domestic violence is an issue that has been affecting most families. It is said that more than 80,000 million individuals undergo domestic violence yearly. It is crucial that among the survivors that have initially been subject to any form of violence, should undergo various mental health services. If not, they are likely to be re-victimized or develop some dangerous patterns that were got from abuse. This paper subjects the use of behavioral model which enhances for the best predictions based on the health services by the identification of enabling factors which in turn aid for the utilization of any challenges faced by victims of domestic violence. Data on such cases of domestic violence is purely secondary data that is collected and also various social media (Adamu & Adinew, 2018). .
Based on the paper, it takes a closer look on the various factors that are likely to impact the livelihood of an individual after domestic violence incident has occurred and provides effective solution which can be of help dealing with domestic violence. The paper examines how the various factors inclusive of the predisposing, enabling and need factors correlate with the incidents one is likely to show such as depression episodes, suicidal attempts and aggression after domestic violence (Adamu & Adinew, 2018).

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