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Scripting or Writing Code: Why Write HTML5 Semantic Code? (Dissertation Sample)


Why write HTML5 semantic code?
Semantics are the implied meaning of a subject. Why use semantic tags when we write our code?
There are so many debates why we bother to write semantic tags. Divya Manian wrote an article while back (2011) titled "Our Pointless Pursuit Of Semantic Value" (Links to an external site., she argued that the benefits of using semantic tags are not worth all the trouble.
What do you think?

HTML5 Coding Semantics
Communicating verbally and visually is important in life. In website design, meaningful website aesthetics and sound, visual design principles make it easier for the target audience to derive meaning from the web content. To ensure accessibility and extensible semantics are important considerations to make sure that HTML designs are developed and designed in a standard way. There is a varied opinion on the use of semantics. Some people consider it a laborious task that slows down development.
However, semantic provide meaning when scripting or writing code. In my opinion, leveraging of semantics gives an unambiguous and shared meaning to web content which makes a design to be standard and quality. Adoption of such standard semantics in writing code provides an enhanced user interface and improved accessibility. Such semantics give the web content a sound structure and value which makes it easier to have web content cross-platform, that is, globalization and search are improved. Web content written in standard semantics can be shared internationally and can be optimized to serve search engines well. A precise web semantics ensures that content can be accessed, shared and transferred across different hardware and software platforms. Use...
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