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Proposal: Elevator, Convenience, Temple University (Dissertation Sample)


This is a proposal for the repair of problematic elevators in an engineering building in the particular university. The proposal includes information on the problem, various ways to solve the problem and the methods used to obtain information pertaining the slow elevators and the problems caused.


Proposal: Elevator Problem
Institution Affiliation
Proposal: Elevator problem
Executive Summary
Elevators are an important part of a tall building. The elevators ease movement of people and items from one floor to another. A slow moving elevator causes several hitches in the movement of people and objects in a building. Additionally, slow moving elevators lead inconveniences with regard to time management, congestion in the waiting halls, capacity issues and safety. Several engineering buildings within the university have very slow elevators. The slow moving elevators pose a risk of malfunction, loss of electric power and tripping of the switches that would lead to safety issues for all users. Several measures can be implemented to mitigate the effects of the slow moving elevators within the designated buildings at the university.
Key words: Elevator, convenience, Temple University
Chapter One
1 Introduction
The elevator industry has transformed from the traditional setup to a more advanced modern elevator systems. This has changed the lives of individuals who depend on elevators in their daily activities in tall buildings. Various schools have also installed elevators to ease the movements of students and teaching staff from one floor to another. Many elevator users today are conscious of their safety, quality of service and technology used. Consequently, elevator service is paramount to ensure that the machine works efficiently and serves its right purpose. In schools, particularly Temple University, the users of elevators have significantly increased. However, many students are facing difficulties in using some of the elevators available in some engineering buildings. The majority of the elevators in these particular buildings is slow and has a low capacity. As a result, students fail to arrive for their lessons on time and experience congestion in the waiting areas. Additionally, the low speed elevators hold the potential to stall and endanger the users.
1.1 Background of the Study
Elevators are highly specialized machines used to transport people vertically in high-rise buildings. This is an important role in any society that runs daily activities in different floors of story buildings. However, various managements and institutions downplay the importance of elevators by placing their priorities on other issues. Writing detailed suggestions and protest letters in such institutions help in putting pressure on the management groups to effectively maintain elevator equipment in order to enhance reliability and availability of the transport services. The elevators are highly specialized machines that require regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs (Mobley, Higgins & Wikoff, 2008). It is important for the maintenance and repairs of the elevators to comply with all the legal requirements with keen contemplation of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations. The maintenance and repairs should be done by skilled personnel and on scheduled times.
1.2 Problem Statement
Complete damage on elevators is rare within Temple University. However, there exist several particularly slow elevators, especially in the engineering building. The slow speeds of the elevators cause extensive disruptions in the movement of students and staff from one floor to another. As such, it is import to restore the normal services of the elevators in order to guarantee good time management, improve capacity, guarantee safety and decongest the waiting areas. Inspection by the relevant authorities is important in order to identify the main source of the problem. Failure to rectify the speed problem in the elevators can lead to the transportation crisis in the buildings.
1.3 General objective
The general objective of this study is to establish the problem that slows down the elevators in the engineering building and find ways to mitigate the problem.
1.4 Specific objectives
1. To identify the causes of the slowing down of elevators and finding amicable solutions in the specific buildings within the university
2. To identify the benefits of a fast moving elevator in a building the experiences high human traffic
1.5 Justification of the Study
The research study will help in solving several issues that affect the students in the engineering department directly. Accomplishing the objectives of the study will help in saving the students’ time during frequent movements within the building. The research study will also help the university in coming up with a maintenance program that will help in keeping the elevators fully functional (Mobley, Higgins & Wikoff, 2008). Additionally, the study will be used as a stepping-stone to guaranteeing the safety of the elevator users within the University. Finding out the causes of the elevator issues will also help in preventing the faster elevators from slowing down in other buildings.
Chapter Two
Literature Review
2.1 Introduction
The main objective of this chapter is to review literature on elevators, maintenance and repairs and the convenience that accrues from well-functioning elevators. The chapter will also review the literature on successful elevator services.
2.2 Maintenance in Elevator life cycle
The elevators life cycle management can be considered as an effort to balance the users’ satisfaction and environmental friendliness. Maintenance of elevators is the easiest and most effective way of preserving the original conditions of functionality of the machine. It also helps in sustaining the elevator’s functional level in accordance to the users’ needs and wants (Mobley, Higgins & Wikoff, 2008). Carrying out maintenance and upgrade or elevator machines are done according to the users’ preferences and prevention of deterioration of function. Therefore, maintenance minimizes the potential for breakdown of the elevators and maintains the benefits of a well-functioning machine. During the life cycle of the elevator, there are changes that occur on product conditions. The changes form a gap between the designed function and realize function (Pahl, Wallace & Blessing, 2007).
2.3 Maintenance in engineering design
In engineering design, maintainability represents the capacity of a product such as an elevator to be maintained to restore its specified condition within a given duration of time. This is depended on whether the maintenance is scheduled or unscheduled and the mode of maintenance follows the prescribed processes. According to Stapelberg (2009) maintainability of an elevator should be considered as a significant part of the critical design parameter from the initial phase of product design and life cycle. Additionally, the maintainability works with regard to the downtime provided within which the machine can be restored to its normal functionality. Therefore, maintainability reflects cost-effectiveness and the ability to provide on-time service to a machine (Mobley, Higgins & Wikoff, 2008).
Chapter Three
1 Research Methodology
3.1 Introduction
This chapter presents the design and methodology that will be used in this research study. The chapter includes the research design, population, sampling design, sampling technique, sample size and data collection and analysis.
3.2 Research Design
The research design is a structure of study that helps the researcher in obtaining answers to the research problem. The researcher will us...
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