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Critical Focus on Reasons for Failure of IT Project in Construction Industry: Pakistan (Dissertation Sample)


I WROTE THIS THESIS ON THE TOPIC OF A Critical Focus on Reasons for Failure of IT Project In Construction Industry: A Case Study of Pakistan. tHE FOLLOWING OBJECTIVES WERE ADDRESSED:
To assess the hurdles which are hindering the smooth work and flow of construction industry in Pakistan? What causes the blocking the smooth flow of the business in the construction industry. Which fundamental blocks are impacting on the success of the business goals?
To investigate the role of technology in the developed construction industry of Pakistan and the role in the development of the country as a whole? What IT services and IT facilities are serving positively to the construction industry, what factors are negatively impacting the construction industry of Pakistan.
What skills and implications are required to improve the performance of the employees of construction industry of Pakistan? What managerial aspects are involved into the smooth flow of the function of the construction companies of Pakistan and what managerial system failures are responsible for the inefficient function of the construction industry?
What IT facilities are required to meet the needs and requirements of the successful construction industry of the Pakistan? What challenges are faced by the employees while handling the complex technical facilities?
What management implications are lacking in the existing system of construction industry and how it can be improvised in the future? What managerial tactics are required to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the construction industry?
How the government can play role in uplifting the construction industry of Pakistan and what policy changes are required to reduce the IT failures in the construction industry of Pakistan? What kind of resources are required, what kind of managerial changes and IT facilitations are required for the proper functioning of the construction industry of Pakistan?
To test and improve the managerial capabilities, especially by leading the reimplementation process on the back of research findings.
Seek support from literature resources to validate and increase the generalization of the research findings.


A Critical Focus on Reasons for Failure of IT Project In Construction Industry: A Case Study of Pakistan
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The construction industry is prevailing on all the other business domains by 10 trillion GDP rate on the global level. The issues of the industry are prevailing in the developing countries like Pakistan. In the situation of the pandemic, this industry has also affected negatively as the global trade rate has declined to 10%. On the other side, the developed and developing countries both shows the evidence of the decline of rate of growth of the industry due to the failure of the construction. In Pakistan, one construction project out of every 5 projects is a failure. The reasons for IT project failures in the construction sector are affecting the country's largest construction business, and it is necessary to build a solution to address these failures. Secondary research approach has been used. To avoid or minimize the recurrence of these causes, it is recommended that the underlying causes be addressed and a treatment devised. As a result, a financial estimation issue emerges, which should be avoided by IT training. Both the customer and contractor must have an electronic record system to ensure prompt payment. A digital monitoring system should be established to verify the project's time and cost estimates. The thematic analysis has been employed, major themes have been identified. The codes have been used to derive the major themes. The research implications, recommendations and research limitations have been discussed. The research findings will help to elevate the performance of the construction industry in Pakistan.
I would like to present my immense gratitude and thanks to my supervisor and module leader. This research project was not possible without the ultimate and precious contribution of my supervisor. He kept helping me to improve the quality of my research project. I have learnt new research skills, techniques and methods all of it is the supreme support and guidance of him. I have learnt to manage the time; it made me capable to manage the deadlines effectively. My family and friends have supported me emotionally as this project was a consistent source of stress and tension because of the deadlines. I would like to show my huge thanks and benevolence to my family and my friends. My university and my department has contributed effectively by providing my all the essential resources to conduct this whole research project. I would like to thanks all the people who have contributed to my research directly or indirectly.
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc91016901 \h 2Acknowledgement PAGEREF _Toc91016902 \h 3Chapter 1 PAGEREF _Toc91016903 \h 71.1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc91016904 \h 71.2Research Context PAGEREF _Toc91016905 \h 71.3Objectives of the Research PAGEREF _Toc91016906 \h 81.3.1 Regulated failure of IT PAGEREF _Toc91016907 \h 91.3.2 High failure PAGEREF _Toc91016908 \h 101.3.3 Lack of Specialized IT facilities PAGEREF _Toc91016909 \h 101.3.4 Political Barriers PAGEREF _Toc91016910 \h 111.3.5 Failure to Follow Project Management PAGEREF _Toc91016911 \h 111.3.6 Rationale of Research PAGEREF _Toc91016912 \h 121.5 Significance of Research PAGEREF _Toc91016913 \h 121.6 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc91016914 \h 12Chapter 2 PAGEREF _Toc91016915 \h 14Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc91016916 \h 142.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc91016917 \h 142.2 Regulated failure of IT projects in the construction industry PAGEREF _Toc91016918 \h 142.3 High failure of projects in the construction industry in the context of developing countries PAGEREF _Toc91016919 \h 162.4 Lack of Specialized IT facilities leads to failure PAGEREF _Toc91016920 \h 172.5 Political Barriers also a big obstacle in the failure of projects PAGEREF _Toc91016921 \h 192.6 Failure to Follow Project Management PAGEREF _Toc91016922 \h 20Summary Table PAGEREF _Toc91016923 \h 24Chapter 3 PAGEREF _Toc91016924 \h 29Research Methodology PAGEREF _Toc91016925 \h 293.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc91016926 \h 293.2 Research design PAGEREF _Toc91016927 \h 293.3 Data type PAGEREF _Toc91016928 \h 303.4 Data Collection PAGEREF _Toc91016929 \h 303.5 Research Ethics PAGEREF _Toc91016930 \h 313.6 Data analysis PAGEREF _Toc91016931 \h 323.7 Research Implications PAGEREF _Toc91016932 \h 33Chapter 4 PAGEREF _Toc91016933 \h 344.1 Data Analysis PAGEREF _Toc91016934 \h 344.2 Content Analysis PAGEREF _Toc91016935 \h 344.3 Steps in content analysis: PAGEREF _Toc91016936 \h 34Step 1: Identify and Collect Data PAGEREF _Toc91016937 \h 34Step 2: Determine Coding Categories PAGEREF _Toc91016938 \h 34Step 3: Code the Content PAGEREF _Toc91016939 \h 34Step 4: Check Validity and Reliability PAGEREF _Toc91016940 \h 35Step 5: Analyze and Present Results PAGEREF _Toc91016941 \h 35New Fixed Tax Regime from Tax Year 2020 and Onwards for Eligible Builders and Developers PAGEREF _Toc91016942 \h 36Theme 1: Hurdles due to COVID 19 PAGEREF _Toc91016943 \h 36Theme 2: Failures in the construction industry's information technology (IT) sector PAGEREF _Toc91016944 \h 38Theme 3: Skills and implications are required to improve the performance of the employees PAGEREF _Toc91016945 \h 40Theme 4: Role of Government PAGEREF _Toc91016946 \h 41Chapter 5 PAGEREF _Toc91016947 \h 43Discussion PAGEREF _Toc91016948 \h 435.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc91016949 \h 43Reasons for the failure of IT projects in the Construction sector of Pakistan PAGEREF _Toc91016950 \h 43Due to Pandemic Gaps in IT technology in construction Projects PAGEREF _Toc91016951 \h 43Lack of Risk Management PAGEREF _Toc91016952 \h 44Incompetent Skills PAGEREF _Toc91016953 \h 45Lack of Specialized IT facilities PAGEREF _Toc91016954 \h 46Lack of Government support PAGEREF _Toc91016955 \h 46Incompetent Project management Team PAGEREF _Toc91016956 \h 47Lack of Project Planning of IT projects PAGEREF _Toc91016957 \h 47Lack of management support PAGEREF _Toc91016958 \h 47Lack of clear goals and objectives of project management in case construction PAGEREF _Toc91016959 \h 48Lack of proper team management PAGEREF _Toc91016960 \h 48Lack of training PAGEREF _Toc91016961 \h 48Lack of digital communication that leads to the failure of IT projects PAGEREF _Toc91016962 \h 49Others PAGEREF _Toc91016963 \h 49Chapter 6 PAGEREF _Toc91016964 \h 50Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc91016965 \h 506.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc91016966 \h 506.2 Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc91016967 \h 506.2.1 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc91016968 \h 506.3 Research Limitations and Future Research Directions PAGEREF _Toc91016969 \h 516.4 Research Implications PAGEREF _Toc91016970 \h 52References PAGEREF _Toc91016971 \h 53
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
The global business industries are linked to each other; the globalization has chained that growth at one part of the Earth to the other part in a sense of competition and sustainability. The growth of the global construction industry shows an average of 4.2% which indicate 10 trillion dollars of GDP which is expected to grow with equivalent growth. This growth rate along the fact that the construction industry constitutes the 11% of global economy makes it the major building block of success for the countries (Zidane, and Andersen, 2018). The global survey reveals that the 8.6% of the global workforce is linked to the construction industry which means that on national level it is one of major source of the employment and growth of the countries (Kereri, and Adamtey, 2019). According to another survey the construction industry generates the employment for 2.4% of population on annual average in USA while in the developing countries the employment in construction industry does not deviate much (Zgalat-Lozynska, 2020).
2 Research Context
In the pandemic and lockdown the global business has declined, the impact of these circumstances has caused the trade rate to decline 10% on international level; the impact of these scenarios has caused industries to suffer and employees to loss the employment which has put the pressure on the economies of the countries. The construction industry is not immune to the drastic changes, in the pandemic the shift on technology and smart devices has been increased (Den Hertog, and Bilderbeek, 2019). The overview and analysis of the strong and weak economies and their construction industry has a visible difference of utilization and adoption of the technology to attain the end goals. The construction engineers have the responsibility of the infrastructure, its construction and project completion. In the developed countries the technology has been evolved and adopted to meet the ultimate goals of the project. While in the developing countries the technology barriers along the other circumstances have imposed severe threat to the sustainability of the industry (Favier,, 2018).
The construction industry is integrated with the help of employees and machines which work through the perfect amalgam of the technology and human resources, the projects are completed on time. The failure to create the coordination among the units of the project causes the system o decline and failure of performance, the effectiveness of the construction industry can’t be denied but its effectiveness varies in the developed and developing countries both. The impact of the circumstances, team members, their collaboration, implication of the technology and other factors act diversely in the developed and developing countries (Mensah,, 2020). In this present research, these multifactor will be analyzed to assess the impact of the external, internal and relevant issues of the construction industry as...

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