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Editing the Document: Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership (Editing Sample)


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Strategic Leadership
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Strategic planning is a detailed step by step formulation and implementation of processes that are to be followed by top management of an organization in order to realize the long time objectives. Jhpiego, is an NGO that involves in dispensation of medical services globally aiming much on gynecological aspect. Being an organization which have roots everywhere in the world, its success much be drawn from keen formulation and implementation of a strategic plan CITATION Wil98 \l 1033 (Rothwell, 1998). Dr. Leslie Mancuso is the foundation's CEO. Being one of the top management of the organization, she has a lot to do with success of Jhpiego's strategic plan.
Dr. Leslie Mancuso have presented some paramount roles of leaders in strategic planning and management. During drafting of the strategic plan, leaders need to spearhead crafting of the strategy, setting goals and objectives, formulate the mission and vision, executing the strategy, evaluating performance and also monitoring. In addition, Leslie displays a lot of involvement in any activity that relates to strategy implementation which has enhanced her success in the global organization CITATION Phi03 \l 1033 (sadler, 2003). A leader need to be interested with the implementation of the strategy and hence guide the juniors. Leaders should again should communicate a message of organizational values to the juniors. Such values include justice, fairness and equity.
In today's health organizations, strategic planning has endless list of importance. Firstly, the future is unpredictable and hence strategic plan act as a seer in how well organization will be managed for tomorrow CITATION Gov05 \l 1033 (Government of USA, 2005). Secondly, it gives the overall direction to the management especially to departments such as finance, human resource, marketing and organizational development strategy. Thirdly, strategic planning provides a benchmark on what is being done now and what ought to be done. Together, the guarantee brighter future of nay health organization.
Leaders should display their competence using the SWOT analysis strategy CITATION Mic11 \l 1033 (Upvall & Leffers, 2011). They...
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