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Describe Characteristic Of A Song As Evidence Beyonce - Ave Maria (Essay Sample)


the essay describe characteristic of a song as evidence Beyonce - Ave Maria


Beyonce - Ave Maria
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Beyonce - Ave Maria
The basic units of a melody can be compared to parts that make up a sentence. The range of this song is medium with each line having a wave-like contour and the interval between the pitches conjunct at the first three lines of each stanza and disjunct at the last line of each stanza. The climax happened at the end of each line together with a countermelody that gives a sound of several simultaneous melodies that at each time one is clear than the others. In general, the pitch volume is average flavored with tone color at the appropriate interval a head of instruments note. The musical sound has been characterized by a pitch at different frequencies according to its vibrations. The pitch goes high and low in a wave like manner, for example, a long vibrating object gives a high pitch due to low frequency compared to short one that has a high frequency that overlap.
Rhythm is made of beats and is the principle propeller of a song in real time. The last line of each stanza in this song have an accented beat towards the end, in between the lines of the verse, loud beats happen at the regular interval in meters manner (Hurkmans et al., 2012). The singer applies syncopation technique where the rise and fall of rhythm are shifted to weak beat at fall to avoid monotony in the line (Alluri et al., 2012). The words in each line are simultaneously combined to be in harmony with each other and continuous flow from one line to the other. At the connection of each line, note at the end and beginning of new line combine to give a chord. The interval of the chord is determined appropriately by a predefined scale to enhance smooth flow from one line to the other, and the familiar chord from one line to the other is the triad.
In between the melodic lines, a monophony texture can be felt in the singing voice that is accompanied by the instrument rhythm. This combination gives the output sound more quality and a moody effect that carries in itself the feelings of the singer. At the connection between one line and the other in a stanza, a polyphony texture can be heard when the singer voice decent at the end of the line followed by voice ascending at the beginning of a new line. The counterpoint brings the harmony when connecting this lines and the even distribution of melodies is heard. The structural form of the whole song is clear and can be easily understood when followed line by line from the start. There is a precise balance of unity in the song, and the symmetry can be seen in the format of each stanza. The last line of each stanza has been repeated severally to enhance emphasize and bring out the title of the song.
The content of singer work has been expressed and shaped by tempo. The emotional implication and the background movement of the singer can be felt by the listener since the tempo keeps changing according to attitude and emotions. Tempo has a close relationship to the mood; it is a basic characteristic of music and the pace. The instrument has enhanced a tone color and quality, and the instrument generates vibrations that take over the air and in harmony with singer's voice. The melodic and dynamic range of an instrument is limited, and the singer’s melody can be...
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