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Analysis Assignment Of The Movie My Own Private Idaho (Essay Sample)


analysis of the movie 'my own private idaho' on its limitation to the common people

My Own Private Idaho
1a. The movie,MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, lacks the strength to transform political sensibilities because it endorses adverse stereotypes about gay people. Characters are portrayed in a way that is unpleasant and the ancient language used would pose difficulty in understanding to the average viewer.
2a. 1The gay characters in the movie are presented in the most appalling way, as unrighteous deviants who are seasoned drug abusers and engage in illegal acts of prostitution and sometimes theft, this values are often frowned upon in many societies. Clearly a person who is homophobic cannot be persuaded in its favor by watching the film.
2. It is difficult for the average person to follow the Shakespearian dialogue the movie employs. The language is outdated and to some extend difficult to understand hence only people with particular artistic passion would draw interest or a relation to it.
3. The movie fuels homophobia through the indiscriminate ways it portrays the gay characters, it merges homosexuality to undesirable behavior that might magnify and confirm the lewdness associated with homosexuality especially through acts of prostitution, reinforcing the stigma that comes with prejudice.
3a. Scene 1, (20 minutes), at the café, male prostitutes talk about how they exchanged sex for cash, they describe desperate situations and were even willing to have sex with total strangers as opposed to making out with a loving partner in a trustworthy relation, although their encounters call for sympathy,it shows homosexuality in bad light.
Scene 2, (40 minutes), Where Bob and Scot are having an argument, the choice and structureof words in their dialogue is so artistic and poetic that it is hard to follow what they are saying, metaphors are widely used amidst jargon that is clearly not from the modern world.
Scene 3, (30 minutes), Bob’s arrival at the hotel is accompan...
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