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Research and Describe Domestic Violence Against Women (Essay Sample)


Topic chosen: Domestic violence against woman
Find a visual argument related to your chosen topic. Use the numbered features in blue text on pages 235-240 to make sure you have chosen an image with an argumentative claim.
You can begin your research by choosing from the visual arguments in Chapter 8 of your Patterns of Argument text, or you can look for an image on the Internet: picture, graph, cartoon, painting, poster, etc. that you think might support your chosen topic.
EXAMPLE: If I have chosen Modern Technology for my topic, I might see this visual, by illustrator John Holcroft, as an example of how modern technology impacts our culture. It is entitled, "Feed Your Ego Some Likes."
This multimodal argument in this visual is that a steady diet of "likes" on Facebook results in a big ego problem.
Submit the visual you have chosen through the link above and describe it to me. Write in the text box provided for the assignment - no need to put it in a paper format unless you find a visual someplace else and want to copy and paste it into a Word document for me to see.
Let me know WHY you believe this will be a good visual argument for your chosen topic.


Domestic Violence against Women
This image represents the multi-dimensional face worn by women who suffer the brunt of domestic violence in their marriages. One face, they stuck in the love the marriage with the man otherwise known as man trap thus they show they are happy yet they are suffering within. The other face represents their real agony in life, they are abused and battered. They suffer emotionally, psychologically and physically.
Most of the times they choose to remain silent to protect their marriages. Therefore this image calls viewers into identifying with t

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