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Compare And Contrast Art And History, Symbiotic Relationship (Essay Sample)


Compare and contrast art and history. The sample evaluates the relationship between history and art from an artistic and visual perspective.


Art and History
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Art and history have a symbiotic relationship. This is where art complements history and history facilities the understanding of the art pieces. History and art cannot exist without each other; they require each other to facilitate comprehension of the development of societies. According to Efland (2017), art is viewed as a mystical creation borne out of the creative mind of an artist as an expression of a particular emotion, event, and society outlook. Contrariwise, history refers to the past way of life that shapes the present and the future. In this paper, the focus will be on evaluating the relationship existing between art and history.
Art traps history in context while history provides the inspiration for the artist to capture and store it for future reference. The events taking place in our society like war, merger of societies, marriage, birth, death among others are expressed in different ways. The expression of these events is what embodies art. The art seeks to present the events in static for people to vividly recall what happened. History triggers the creative minds of artist to recreate it in a form that is visible and tangible. This creates visual and literature arts that capture the static events in history while enhancing their continuity to the future (Efland, 2017).
Moreover, when evaluating art it serves as the mouthpiece for historical occurrence in a society. Art elevates history to a higher pedestal that embeds itself in the minds of people. It helps people to see, hear and at times depending on an individual’s connection to the art understand what happened in the past. In addition, in this context, history provides the material required by the artist to relay this information to people in different generations. For the people who are experiencing the events the art piece triggers an emotional connection to their history. In other words, it serves as a constant reminder of what they experienced. On the other hand, for people looking at the art pieces in the future, they get to develop an understanding of the past. In other words, art provides them with a foundation to identify their origins and appreciate their history (Chu et al., 2016).
Additionally, art forms an indiscernible trajectory directed towards history. History is all about the occurrence of events while art is the expression of the events. Art enhances history by providing it with an area to expand to infinity. Art, for example the great pyramids of Egypt have positioned the history of ...
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