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Changing Criterion Design (Essay Sample)


Changing Criterion Design
This unit has focused on measuring behavior change and graphing behavior data. In this discussion, we narrow our focus to changing criterion design. Read the application of content in the Behavior Modification text on pages 62–63. For this discussion, post a substantive response to the following:
Based on the raw data in figure 3–17, identify the type of design that is presented and provide your visual analysis of the within and between conditions. Remember to use technical language such as trend, level, and variability.
Recommend the action you would take to make this a changing criterion design, including a


Changing Criterion Design
The type of design presented in Figures 3-17 is A-B-A-B reversal design. In visual analysis, a graph presented would include intervention data and two baselines. These two requirements must include the text represented within the text. By doing so, it would result in an A-B-A-B reversal design. In analyzing of A-B-A-B reversal design, first, the initial baseline is set followed by a recording of intervention, and last stage a fresh baseline data. The fresh baseline data will be used for continued measurement and future applications. But, in our case, the intervention was withdrawn later causing it to return to the original baseline which was used to represent an A-B-A-B reversal design. Series of goals must be attained at a succession which is in regard to criterion design. Therefore, a criterion design determines whether indeed the treatment was

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