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Coleman Hawkins Performs at Wembley Town Hall, West London (Essay Sample)


Choose an artists or bands from different chapters that interest you:
1. Coleman Hawkins
Then, YouTube, or other sources such as Vimeo are fine, find a one hour live in person concert for each of your artists. To be clear, live concert footage of an actual show. Not a montage or sequential short videos. If it’s a few minutes over or a few under(max 55 minutes to 65) that’s fine.
Use these to write your papers on these video concerts. BE SURE to put the http of the show at the very start of the paper so I can check them as I grade.
You will write a 3 page (minimum 800 words) first-person essay describing one of the artists presented musically or in-person from your point of view and attach it to this filled-in form. It will be double spaced with standard margins and 12-point font.


Coleman Hawkins Performs in Wembley Town Hall, West London
Coleman Hawkins Performs in Wembley Town Hall, West London
The concert took place in October 1964 during his time in London at Wembley Town Hall, West London. On that night, Coleman Hawkins was accompanied by Jimmy Woode, who was on playing the bass guitar, Jo Jones, who played drum that night, Sir Charles Thompson, the pianist seemed familiar to the audience, and Harry Edison, who was on trumpet that night. Hawkins was on the saxophones. Wembley Town Hall was famous for hosting significant events, including jazz nights known by many as the 'Jazz 625'. Jazz music genre, often referred to as America's classical music was initiated by the African-American societies based in New Orleans in the US. The style borrows a lot from blues and ragtime.
As soon as the master of ceremony was done introducing the members of the Jazz group, they wasted no time in displaying their instrumental prowess. Coleman Hawkins was the first to take center stage as expected and willed by most of the audience. Their love for his technique with the saxophone was evident in their applauses. Like the other members sort of backed him up, just as is always with singers, he displayed his skills with vigor and passion. For about two minutes or slightly more, it felt like the saxophone in Hawkins's hand overshadowed the rest of the instruments.
In a manner likely to suggest to the ululating crowd that they were stilling warming up, in a seamless effort, the trumpet guy, Mr. Harry Edison, joined the spotlight as Coleman walked backward slow and steady while still playing what he knew best. Harry was nick-named the "Sweet." Indeed, his nick-name was befitting by the way he played his heart out in his first few minutes. Watching him play reminded me of a time in school when a Mr. Jacob Welor would tell us of the importance of captivating your audience in the first moments of interaction. He did well as though he had also listened to Jacob's advice. Even though it was hard to discern what song he was mimicking, the sound from the trumpet was appealing in more ways than one.
Since everybody was showcasing their skills, it was Sir Charles's turn. His fingers magically pressed the keyboard as the other players toned it down. His musical play filled the hall with a sound of beauty; the crowd loved it. In the live recording, Sir Charles did not only wow the audience but also the cameraman, who zooms at his fingers and focusses his lenses a bit longer as he plays. The bass guitarist must have been as well caught in the beauty of the moment; he joined the pianist; they both enjoyed the sync judging from their body language. Sir Charles played his last notes of the display moment with enormous enthusiasm in a signaling manner to the bass guitarist to take it on.
Jimmy Woode was already in the hit of the moment when his turn came for a showoff of greatness. He enjoyed his work, playing the guitar almost his size, as the rest reduced the boom in their sounds to pave the way for his talent. With Jimmy's eyes closed and his mouth murmuring as if he was singing a favorite, he played his heart out, not wasting a minute of the spotlight. He must have played the longest during this somewhat introductory moment. After that, he switched gears, playing in a beckoning manner, the rest started joining him, it was soon a litany of different sounds from all the instruments. While still playing their instruments, Hawkins and Edison joined to the front. They all began to play in harmony as the music faded in peace, to indicate the end of the introduction. However, it was noticeable that the drummer did not join the spotlight moment of the introductory session. While the crowd was clapping for them, they regroup

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