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DYNAMIC WARM UPS. Visual and Performing Arts Essay. (Essay Sample)




Dynamic warm-ups
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A dynamic warm-up is an integral part and element in the process of training. Dynamic warm-up, unlike the static stretch, make your joints, and the muscles lose for the activity that is ahead of you. Dynamic warm-ups just help the muscles and the joints of a footballer to relax and be at the norm. Dynamic warm-ups do not impose a lot of straining on the joints and muscles. Dynamic warm-ups are done systematically from a low speed increasing gradually to a high speed. Doing this dynamic warm-up a short time to the game can increase explosiveness of the player, the power and the general performance of the footballer. Dynamic warm-ups majorly deal with the movement of the whole body moderately. Dynamic warm-ups aim at the stability of the body and not too much stretching of the joints and the muscles. Dynamic warm-ups for a soccer player are of different forms (Kovacs, 2009).
Example of the dynamic warm-ups are knee to chest, high kicks, T-Push-Ups, jump squats, hip stretch with a twist and jump lunge. These dynamic warm-ups only prepare the body of a footballer for sporting. Dynamic warm-ups increase the core temperature of the body of a footballer and make his muscles more elastic. 

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