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Arts And Artworks The Emerging Greatest Environmental Pollutant (Essay Sample)


Study of Art and pollution


Arts and Artworks the emerging greatest environmental pollutant
Ever since time in memorial art and art works have been associated with creative ways of expression, entertainment, and ornamental values. These values have been used for many generations to define art and art works. The field of arts in the recent time has evolved to entail unique aspects like stage props in performing arts, cheap synthetic canvas for the painters among other. The new trends in art are meant to reduce the budget for the individual pursuing art studies or those in the related fields. The trends have been viewed by many as strides towards the right direction. Others have argued the changes are taking place without other critical considerations such as quality and sustainability. This has brought up the debate on the role of new trends in art on pollution. The following essay tries to critically examine the thesis statement that the new trends in art and artwork are made at the expense of environmental pollution
Art and art work has in the recent time received a lot of attention since many had considered the little changes that have taken place over the years might be clear indications that Art is on its death bed. Many art enthusiasts opted to counter this claim by introducing more innovative ways that were to revolutionize the field. Some of the innovation included plastic canvas, paints and paint brushes, sculptures, wooden made stage props for performance artist and wooden frames for pictures. All these trends are meant to reduce the cost and enhance the quality as well as the number of the audience enjoying the artwork. Many environmentalist have in recent time ganged against these trends claiming even though they seem to be the ray of hope in Arts; they were made without considering the sustainability.
The synthetic canvases are known to produce green house gases once exposed to intense sun’s rays. The new trends used by many artists to used bill boards to exhibit their art work could a ticking time bomb and working against the numerous efforts put in fighting global warming and green house gases. Some environmentalists have also shown displeasure with the used of metallic elements like copper, gold, brass, zinc, and others in making large modern sculptures. They argue it is wasteful for the artist to use such valuable element in art and can be used in more constructive fields like medicine, electronics and other which actually add value to human life. The claim the environmental pollution that takes place in the mining and purification processes of these metals should be met with equally if not more important uses, (Dunn Np)
These sentiments have come under severe criticism from many art lovers. They claim art is one of the major stress relievers known to man. Movies, plays, drawing sculpture have been shown to relieve stress to many, especially terminally ill patients. They claim art and artworks have at least made the world a little bit better and easier for many individuals, (Rehman 353-358)
Some also argue that the return got from selling or participating in any of the many artwork production processes has helped a great deal. Many artists have given back to the society from the earnings from Art in numerous environmental rehabilitation programs. They claim the little damage that art and art work way be allegedly be causing to the environment is paid in three folds as compared to the resources directed to creation of the green world from Art, (Smith Np).
A different group of art lovers has claimed that the effort taken by art and artwork in the general sensitization on the adverse impacts of environmental pollution cannot be taken for granted. Many artists have chosen to use the environmental awareness and rehabilitation as the central theme of their artworks. Be they movies, drawings, sculptures, or even pictures have all been based on the repercussions of environmental pollution. Some have gone to the extent of trying to project the future if no action is taken in curbing the environmental pollution, (Inwood
A different group had an entirely different v...
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