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Developing Literary Criticism Skills Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


1'“Monet in his Studio Boat,” Edouard Manet How does this work follow the Impressionist style?
2.The Tub,” Edgar Degas What formal quality did this artist explores


Developing Literary Criticism Skills
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Literary techniques are not universal or necessary constituents of literature in the sense that not all works contain instances of them example are similes and also irony. Techniques for literature are commonly used in creative writing. They make the written content to be colorful and more interesting. There are several literary techniques used by Stanton and Mott when they wrote the book that is referred as feminist. Stanton and Mott used flashback which means a transition in film or a story or an event to an earlier time. They talk about the history of feminism, the challenges women faced and what they had faced in their early experiences that’s why they had formed movement for women rights. There is also the use of imagery she enables the readers to create images of unfair treatment to women unlike men that is where she concluded that men and women are equal and they should be treated equally.
Ensler’s and Stanton and Mott works have deepened my understanding social change through showing us how the women had faced a lot of challenges in the societies because their rights weren’t considered. They formed women right movements to create awareness of women rights to be implemented by everyone and informed people through writing a book which is called feminism which talked about the history of women in the past and their experiences which were challenging to them they wanted to change how women were treated in the community. Their movement resulted in changes in the society and men and women are treated equally in the modern society. Hence, this has contributed to my own social change vision.
Literacy analysis is the understanding the techniques that make literary work effective. While writing a literary analysis essay you focus on how to plot or structure, character, setting and many other techniq...
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