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Performing Arts Olive Tree (El Olivo): Movie Review (Essay Sample)


The Olive tree is a Spanish movie made in 2016, cast of the movie is Javier Gutierrez, Anne Castillo, Pep Ambros, Manuel Cucala and Miguel Angel Aladren and directed by Iciar Bollain.


“Olive Tree (El Olivo): Movie Review”
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The olive tree (El Olivo)
The Olive tree is a Spanish movie made in 2016, cast of the movie is Javier Gutierrez, Anne Castillo, Pep Ambros, Manuel Cucala and Miguel Angel Aladren and directed by Iciar Bollain.
Alma is a young woman who has emotional problems and enjoys a unique relationship with her grandfather Ramon. Her grandfather stopped talking about 12 years ago after Alma’s uncle sold the families ancient olive tree so as to open a restaurant. Ramon spent his remaining days visiting the place where the olive tree had been planted hoping for its return. Alma unable to bear the sad situation found out the tree was bought by a German energy company and decided to retrieve it back for the sake of her grandfather.
The film is a story of a grandfather and granddaughter where the granddaughter Alma is on a quest of finding a thousand-year-old olive tree. The Olive tree was sold off by her family due to economic hardships to a German energy company.
Alma's grandfather had stopped talking to her for years due to the sale of the olive tree. She is quite passionate about returning the sold off the tree to its original place so she manages to get the support of the entire town in her quest. This film has a strong message that to people family is everything and means a lot that's why Alma cares a lot about her grandfather's welfare.
Alma, as seen, is the film is a wild girl with partly shaved hair and is in the habit of sleeping with boys she doesn't know and she likes to throw eggs to cars belonging to people of her dislikes. She has a soft spot for her grandfather and she sympathizes this after the sale of the oldest family's olive grove tree. Alma seeing that her grandfather is near death she starts the search for the olive tree sold. She manages to convince her uncle and friend to help get back the tree before her grandpa dies.
In the film, Alma's family is facing hard times and they have been forced to abandon olive oil production and embarked on poultry farming. The family is facing a financial difficulty which makes them sell the olive tree. The money received from the sale is used to set up a restaurant in the beach which collapses and they become victims of the financial crisis. The amazing olive tree has been sold off to a German energy company who uses it as their Logo. Alma promises her grandfather to bring the tree back to Castello.
She fakes a letter from a German pastor who had promised to return the tree which would appear to be a case of driving a borrowed truck to Dusseldorf to get it. She used the help of Arti and Rafa who has a crush on her. With the communities help Alba quest becomes a social media protest against the Germany energy company.
The film reminds of the rise of many internet sources used by the community and is quickly replacing the old ones. The movie adopts the use of flashbacks to showcase the experienced emotional effect and shows emotional bonds which are defendant on the show and the movie meaning. The film also talks about the vast gulf in the country which has rapidly changed in the last 40 years.
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