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Wonders Of Art: Presentation And Interpretation Of Art (Essay Sample)


presentation and INTERPRETATION of art


Wonders of Art
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Section 1
Art covers a range of activities of humankind in a variety of ways such visual representations and auditory elaborations and narrations. Additionally, art involves performances or events of continuous expressions to reflect on a particular concept in question. Therefore, art is a wider range of human activities that captures auditory, visual and acts with the aim of expressing certain feelings and idea put forward by the author of the works. Similarly, the works of art involve beauty and admiration and therefore potentially attracts attention on a particular field of interest. Art in many ways presents creativity and imaginations based on frequent and desires occurrence expressed in images such as painting and photographs, verbal narrations of certain events and simulated activities designed to unfold certain idea and thoughts about a specific concept in the mind of the author.
Depending on the preferences and skills of the author the concept of love covers natural and supernatural context of daily activities, culture, religion, politics, love and socialism are a few of a wider range covered in art. Google Cultural Institute turns out to be a visual platform for expression and presentation of art works covering a larger range of the fields captured by artists such as culture, religion, and love (Café & Padilha, 2015). The visual museum stands to presents the good works of art put up by different authors from different backgrounds and race and hence the platform promotes unity and socialization. The visual galleries of interest in the Google Cultural Institute turn out to be the museum of love as captured by good works of art in the platform. Love on simple definitions describes a wide range of feelings, attitudes and different states of well-being.
Love also refers to interpersonal relations and external expressions on specific activities or operations. Additionally, love captures emotional thoughts about something or people as well as strong feelings of attraction specifically to people. The museum of art in the Google Cultural Institute covers a variety of cultural and historical activities and presentations on the concept of love as it has been over time. The gallery exhibition in the museum of love captures the main themes of love and turns out impressive based on the beauty of the artwork as well as the creativity portrayed by the author of the love art. The significance of love in the museum is vital to the history of culture and socialism as reflected in the strong creative works of love art presented in the museum. Similar, other galleries in the Google Cultural Institute turned out attractive in relation to the theme of love presented in the fine works of art.
We wear Culture, is a museum in the galleries presented in Google Cultural Institute the museum comes out similar to the gallery of love in the museum. In the presentation about the Culture, different cultures around the globe are represented by different authors in exceptional works of art designed to reflect the major concepts and background of history. History in many cases refers to past events presented in visual, auditory and reacted activities designed to capture the past events in a modern way (Bayer, 2014). Google Cultural Institute holds the gallery of Culture by the modes of dressing of the early times. Culture reflects the foundations of communities and social groups around the group. Specifically, the African culture has been represented in the museum of culture and love based on the styles of living and modes of dressing.
The beauty of the galleries in the museum exhibit the special style of African culture based on socialism traditions and love life. The authors of the galleries based on the cultures capture the core of religion and traditional ways of conducted especially on marriage and love. The Museum of Women in Culture in the Google Cultural Institute turns out equally impressive in the manner of women present in the society. Women are important to a developing community as well as the families. The Gallery of Women in Culture captures the importance of women in the societies especially the African culture where women held a special role in the development of their families and cultures. Women are the foundation of societies and cultures following the history of different communities around the globe presented in the museum. Women in culture are a concept that captures the development and continuity of a specific society in the history of social groups.
The museum highlights the position of women in the fights for gender equality rights as well as equal positions in the social ranks of job opportunities. The exhibitions in the Museum of Women in Culture project emotions of the responsibilities held by women in the development of different societies and cultures. The museums of love, we wear culture and women in culture are similar in many ways based on culture religion and social interaction, since the three capture the imaginations of the author (Leue, et al. 2014). The museum of love captures the theme of love in the communities around the globe. The Museum portrays the concept of relationships and social attractions based on specific social classes and religion of the exhibited community. On the other hand, the museum of culture on reference to the modes of dressing captures the traditional styles of dressing that reflects on the community beliefs.
Following the museum of We wear Culture exhibitions, it is eminent that the modern styles of dressing in many ways reflect on the history of specific communities or social backgrounds. The galleries in the museum reflect on the importance of different cultures interacting with the aim of borrowing from one another. Also, the museum of We Wear Culture highlights the beauty of innovation in the sector of improving traditions and development of societies in the fields of culture. Culture is diverse and in many ways and refers to ancient style of operation or activities. Nevertheless, the concept of culture in the Google Cultural Institute brings in a new concept of a modern culture and social relations considering the fast changing technological advancement in the field of technology and innovation. The three galleries of art in the Google Cultural Institute reflect on the contexts of love:
Love is captured in the galleries of Love, Women in Culture and we wear Culture, by socialism, development, culture and creativity. The concept of culture is captured in the three galleries of museum following the fact that culture in the foundation of different ethnic grounds from which art in itself is originated. Also, the paintings in the three galleries reflect the cultural beliefs and preferences of the authors of the artworks. History has equally been captured in the three galleries of art (Kotsimbos, 2014). History described in the three artworks refers to the past times whereby the culture of the ancient is reflected in the way in which the paintings are made. Similarly, the museum of love captures history by narrations of ancient love preferences that were put into place in the early times. Additionally, the gallery of We wear Culture highlights the basic concepts of history in the modern styles of dressing and fashion. The gallery paintings reflect on the modern dress styles with more culture embedded into its design.
Section 2
Art is a beauty to the eyes of the beholder, and therefore the works of art reveal different emotions and similarly captures different moods of a person taking part of in the works of art. Art, on the other hand, reflects on the basic principles of life about imagination and creativity expressed in paintings, art performances, and narrations. Over the times the works of art have been appreciated due to their effects in transforming the society positively. Therefore art is a potential foundation for development and creativity on the fields of interest. The Google Cultural Institute is a foundation of modern art that deals with different art styles from the different cultural background from around the globe. The process of making art involves creativity and innovational strategies to capture the ...
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