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Annotated bibliography on Fashion and social status fashion development (Essay Sample)


tHE TASK WAS AN Annotated bibliography on Fashion and social status fashion development


Fashion and Social Status
Student’s Name
Katalin Medvedev  (2005). SOCIAL CLASS AND CLOTHING
According to the article, during the late thirteenth century, the display of wealth through dressing code was customary. This means that an individual’s class affiliation was easily assessed with relative ease. During this time fashion was being recognized as a potent as well as a significant way of social difference. In most cases, it was used in class warfare with aims of gaining leverage. Additionally, the article indicates that fashion was always capable of signifying a person’s culture, moral standards, social power as well as economic status. This made it a powerful tool for negotiating and structuring social relations and to enforce class differences. The dressing code of a person explained why he or she was considered to be an important element of society.
Diana Crane (2012) Fashion and Its Social Agendas: Class, Gender, and Identity in Clothing. Retrieved May, 2012.
The article indicates that fashion and clothes have for a long time defined man and the situation is still the same today. The author of the article argues that the information conveyed by clothes have changed over the years. 

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