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The Language of Detail Online Exhibition Critique (Essay Sample)


Art Criticism of an Online Exhibition 15%
You will write an art review using the principles of social art history, which you will learn about in class.
Social Art History allows you to consider “extra aesthetic” events which influence the arts and artists’ decisions from the social context and personal biography.


The Language of Detail Online Exhibition Critique
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The Language of Detail Online Exhibition Critique
The virtual exhibition takes place at the Galerie Buhler Gallery, Saint Boniface’s hospital. It is organized and curated by Leona Herzog who introduces three artists whose works are being exhibited. The artists include Christine Kirouac, Paul Robles, and Takashi Lwasaki. The exhibition started on the 27th of January 2022 and will be closing on the 24th of April 2022. The exhibition contains a large number of artworks that are well placed and explained by Leona Herzog starting with Christine’s then Paul’s and finally Takashi’s. This essay will give a review of the virtual exhibition. It will discuss the themes that have been displayed, the artists’ expertise, and the share of a view of the exhibition as a whole.
The main idea of the exhibition is to exhibit the beautiful works of the three artists. It is noteworthy that the works of the three artists are time-consuming and breathtaking in the end. The pieces are clear and have a feeling of perfection without any distraction from

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