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The Meaning of The Statue of Liberty (Essay Sample)


The task is about the meaing of the statue of liberty. It entails a brief Background of the statue of liberty, and a description of how the STatue WAS made and the famous designers whose ideas contributed to the statue. the Paper delves deeper in deFining the meaning of the statue to nations and individuals.


The Statue of Liberty
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The Statue of Liberty
The statue of liberty is the most iconic work of art in the US and the most famous recognizable landmark in the world. The statue has become famous due to several factors ranging from the uniqueness of its art to what it represents to many people who have had to see it as they enter the US for the first time. The significance of the piece of art has persisted through time, and even today, people who see it for the first time recognize its magnificence. Over the years, the copper statue is standing tall, depicting to the people a lasting friendship and to many people, showing them a path to liberty and enlightenment.

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