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The Origin and Evolution of the Swing Dance (Essay Sample)


this task required an analysis of the swing dance. in particular, the paper required an examination of the origin of the dance, important locations, important individuals that contributed to its evolution and how the dance has progressed since its creation. the task here was to perform an accurate historical analysis of swing dancing.


Swing Dancing
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The Origin and Evolution of the Swing Dance
Swing dancing is regarded as a form of American vernacular dance with Afro-American roots, characterized by joyous and jubilant style of dance. Swing dancing has a particular 8-count movement with physical vigor and shuffles. The origin of the swing dance is largely attributed to slave trade in the 16th century, which led to the fusion of African and American culture in dance and music. According to Stevens and Stevens (2011), the Black-face minstrels laid the foundation for swing dance. 

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