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Visual & Performing Arts
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Virtual Online Communities (Essay Sample)

Write a 2-page paper discussing the following topics: 1) How art was understood, appreciated, and shared historically, both by artists and the general public 2) How the discovery and appreciation of art has changed due to advances in technology 3) How social and political happenings have influenced artists source..
Art Appreciation Name Institution Affiliation Course Number Date Art involves many human activities that create sensual, visual and auditory artworks. It is considered part and parcel of human lives and has been in existence for the longest time. While both artists and the public have different ways of appreciating, understanding and sharing art, art intention is always communication. However, various developments in the recent past have transformed art into a powerful medium of social change. Understanding and Appreciating Art Artists mainly understand their art to express beliefs and ideas while communicating human life beliefs. However, the public understands art as a practice that holds significant meaning regarding human life. It is essential to understand that artists appreciated art in the past as an activity of comparative values just like any other activity carried out daily. In simple terms, artists consider it as a leisure activity. While it may sound like leisure to artists, the public sees it as a handwork activity that involves satisfaction and leisure. I believe that the purpose of sharing art between the artists and the general public is seen as a way of cultural interaction and spread (Wood, 2021). This is because it brings people of the same and different cultures together. Besides, art can tell a cultural story regarding a given community through its capacity to form a connection and inspire reflection that goes beyond differences. Technological Influence on Art Technological development has been at the forefront of influencing the evolution of art. Art history shows that artists have always looked for various ways to express their gifts. While there were several avant-garde formations in the 20th century, it was a defining period for artists to develop new non-artistic materials that were used to express their artwork. This led to mixed media development, inventing a new era of art evolution. The advancement of technology has been a great addition to artistic components. Besides, it has led to a difference in how art is shared and created. Similarly, it has resulted in the enablement of new artists who bring new innovative expressions in the market, attracting new audiences for artwork. Today, artists are not only using technology as a medium of their creative processes but are leveraging it as a powerful tool for transforming their artwork. Besides, artists can now create immersive, striking and high engaging artwork that is multi-disciplinary (ENYA, n.d). Virtual technology has also led to the development of masterpieces that the audience can easily access quickly. This has accelerated the general public's understanding of artwork history and vision. Today, online museums are using technology devices to explain information about art. Irrespective of what the future holds, technology is a powerful medium that will advance artwork and influence the lives of human beings. How Social and Political Happenings Influence Art While artists have used art to express ideas and opinions, it is not limited to political and social opinions. Since time immemorial, social and political events have influenced the aspect of artists in visual expression. This is because the social and political happenings in the society change their opinions and instill new values based on what is happening in the society (Schriwer, 2018). It is important to note that art is a form of communication. Besides, it is considered a v...
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