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Reflection on the Observed Teacher's Classroom Videos (Essay Sample)


from the videos you observed, how did the teacher intergrate arts into academic and literacy instructions and how did she utilize pre-assessement data?
(the instructor provided the youtube videos)


Reflection on the Observed Teacher’s Classroom Videos
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Reflection on the Observed Teacher’s Classroom Videos
Most teachers use ongoing and numerous techniques for gathering information in their assessment systems. They also utilize various arts integration approaches that emphasize the transfer of skills and ideas from the arts curriculum to literacy instructions. Teachers have implemented ways of collaborating with parents and students to promote improvements. The teachers utilized pre-assessment data from the videos I watched and used different approaches to integrate arts into academic and literacy instructions.
According to The Balanced Literacy Diet (2017), the teachers used comprehensive art projects by involving the children in related hands-on activities. These projects make an excellent connection between the art forms and learning standards because they allow learners to acquire new material while demonstrating what they learned (Dinc & Karahan, 2021). The teachers connected creative arts to critical academic concepts; for instance, the learners were taught emotional regulation.
Moreover, the educators utilized pre-assessment data that were integral elements of teaching and learning. The formative assessment enabled teachers to identify student readiness from the proactive responses given by the learners (Nussemar, 2013). The educators utilized the data in setting academic goals for the young students as they recognized their strengths and weaknesses. They also used the assessment information to evaluate reforms in instructional practices and focus on improvements.
The videos demonstrated how educators communicate and collaborate with learners and families to support student's development and success. They shared students' progress reports with guardians to evaluate areas of improvement and accomplishments (NAC Arts Education, 2015). The teachers utilized better communication methods for both parents and learners to help keep them accountable for their work (University of California Television (UCTV), 2014). The educators surveyed parents by asking different kinds of questions to acquire critical information for children’s achievements.
In conclusion, the teachers utilized interdisciplinary arts projects and the connection of creative arts to academic content for arts integration. They also used pre-assessment data to understand students' weaknesses and strengths and better techniques

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