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Public as the Arena of Responsibility, Dilemma, and Decision as an Ethical Realm (Essay Sample)


Instructions from client
based on the play Gray Zone: Watching "Shoot"
Thesis: Distill the author’s argument into one sentence. Argumentation: Summarize the author’s argumentation, the evidence that is presented in support of the thesis claim.
it has to be approximately 300 words. Ive uploaded an example for you


Frazer Ward, Gray zone: Watching "Shoot."
Public as the Arena of responsibility, dilemma, and decision-as an ethical realm.
Violence demonstrated on Shoot should have called out for intervention either from the collaborators or the audience. (117). The marksman, photographer, and audience members all had a role to play, which they all neglected. Describing Chris Burden as “the artist who shot himself" (116) negatively references that realm of public debate and reasoning. Content consumed by the public in their TV sets shows people being shot at (118). It is one of the motivations for Shoot and the reason Burden is not bothered by the idea of been Shoot.

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