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Reasons for the High-Valued Mark Rothko’s Paintings (Essay Sample)


The student was required to discuss the reasons for the high valuation of Mark Rothko’s Paintings.


Reasons for the High-Valued Mark Rothko’s Paintings
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Reasons for the High-Valued Mark Rothko’s Paintings
Most sellers and collectors consider the artist when appraising and buying pieces of art. Historically, various artists have been perceived as more skilled and prominent than others. As a result, their artworks have been given more value than others. Also, the worth of modern art is influenced by other elements, such as authenticity, subject, and condition. Mark Rothko’s works have continued to increase in value, showing a considerable rise in the recognition of modern art. His artistic expressions successfully serve the primary function of creating admiration, in addition to cementing his expressions. The rising appreciation and appeal of modern art have led to the high valuation of Mark Rothko’s paintings.
Mark Rothko’s works possess various forms of appeal ranging from quality and context to his inimitable technique. Untitled, 1960, one of the pieces under the Rothko’s Chapel, is his most valued artwork, hitting as high as $50 million in 2019 (IdeelArt, 2019). The value of the art is determined, in part, by its ability to capture the appeal of viewers. According to Christensen (2017), the artist creates an interactive encounter between his works and the audience. Consequently, Mark Rothko’s works have remained relevant today, more than 60 years after his death. Also, his works have been associated with the Black Paintings revolution, a critical transition of modern art (IdeelArt, 2019). Mark restrains all fundamental conventions to his work as a true perfectionist, providing the

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