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Visual & Performing Arts
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The Spinning Wheel Visual & Performing Arts Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


A photo of the art piece was provided. INstructions were to describe the photo and write opinions in 4 pages.


Spinning Wheel
The Spinning Wheel is an artwork made by black smith and sculptor Rachel David. It is made out of forged steel, hand crafted and designed roughly into a large compilation of heavy metal on display. The rugged piece of art is being displayed in an open ground in Austin, Texas and has been there since 2015. With the perception of a molded sea creature similar to an incomplete squid, inverted with an extension of their arms and tentacles with eyes hanging above, frozenly spinning on top of a platform with a steering wheel on the other side for control, would make anybody who passes by wonder and ask questions. Generally, it is a strong symbol that traditional black smiths still exist in the community. As the photo implies, there are three visual elements that contributes to the success of the artwork. One is the shape and mass, which has several chunks of materials connected together displayed in a specific area which defines the size and space it consumes. Second is the texture and pattern, which shows how rough and course the surface is on some parts and so flat on the others. And the third is the visual element of light. Being displayed out in the open on broad daylight, it emphasizes the entire view of the artwork.

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