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Anthropology: Understanding Environmental Influence on Human Behavior (Essay Sample)


What it is to be a human being?
How is society put together?
What does the word "we means"?
Use 4 fields of anthropology
CULMINATING PAPER(due 11:59 pm June20)Anthropology answersbig questionsabout us:•what it is to be a human being•how society is put together•what the word ‘we’ means. Anthropologists explore these questions looking from the past to the present and across cultures. Anthropologists address kinship, power and politics, race and ethnicity, religion, worldviews, gender, social class, language, climate change, artifacts, non-human primates, ancient hominin species, and our biology and what we attribute to biology or to culture. Using information from each of the 4 fields of anthropologyand each topic of the syllabus/text (refer to Modules and PowerPoints), discuss these 3 questions and write in depth what you have learned and concluded about thesebig questions. You must address each of the 4 fieldsand eachtopic of the syllabus/text(refer to Modules and PowerPoints)to achieve a full-rounded view of humanity(each field and each topic does not need to be addressed in each of the 3 questions). Your paper should be split into 3 sections, each titled with the big question. •Write 2-3 pages for each section, for a total of 8-10pages, as you need to include an introduction and conclusion in addition to the 3 sections. •Your paper should be double-spaced, 12-point font; no bibliography.•You must reference the text (page numbersrequired when you quote or paraphrase information) and the PowerPoints, using in-text citationsin APA, Chicago, or MLA style (your choice).Use examples from the text, PowerPoints, videos, articles, journal, and activities/discussions in class to support your points. When addressing the 3 big questions, you may incorporate examples from the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, and racial justice activism we are experiencing in our culture currently.There is a plagiarism detector program used when you submit your assignment, so you must write in your own words, cite your sources, use quotations


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Based on the nature that the world is filled with a group of people in each corner has a deeper meaning and has led to further study and exploration of who the human beings are and their role during their existence. The study of human behavior with the environment has been studied over time with the inclusivity of the past happenings to current happenings, which has generally determined who human beings really are and how they are put together to build a society and interact. The study that makes us human is anthropology. It takes us through a wider range of understanding different aspects of human behavior. We see how human beings have lived and interacted many years ago and what aspect makes us believe that they were important in society through archeology. As we look at the study of how human beings live and lived over years and their interactions, we consider the four major areas which explore the study of who human beings are. These four areas in anthropology include cultural anthropology, which is the study of how the people who share the same culture organize and can shape the physical and the social world around them and how the people are shaped by the ideas, behaviors, and social environment. Under the same anthropology, we look at biological or physical anthropology, which basically deals with the evolutions of humans, their variability, and their adaptations to environmental stress. The same way we look on archeology as a part of anthropology and linguistic anthropology is the study of human communication and the deeper meaning and understanding of languages around the globe. All these sections combine together to giving us the deeper meaning of who human beings are, how they are put together as well as what it means to be together as a community in interaction the meaning of "we"'
What is to be a human being
In the human nature perspective, we view human beings or persons as personal beings known and given the power to be responsible, be in relation to other human beings in the society, to God, and as the final view of the human being in terms of the purpose. There have been numerous studies about the origin of human beings and how they interacted and developed up to the latter present human being we have now. In the historical view of human life, human beings, through archaeology, argue that a human being developed from a complex ape shape to the real human beings we see today. At the same time, others claim that the origin of the human being was as a result of creation by God. Through the Bible, we learn that there was a supernatural being before the beginning of the world. This supernatural being called God contributed to creating the environment, that is, the sky, the land, and the waters. After creating the environment, he had an idea to create a human being, and that's then when the existence of human beings began. There are also other believes of the origin of human being around the globe. All these beliefs and studies show how human beings have existed since before and are there to date.
Through the study of archaeology, we come to learn the history of human beings through the material remains they used in their normal life. These give us a clear image of who the human being is from the past, their behavior, and their role in their existence. Through artifacts, we learn how human beings lived their lives in the past compared to the present days and what made them feel more special and responsible from

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