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Microbiology (Essay Sample)


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Distinguish enzyme structure, function, and inhibition. (USLO 3.2) Differentiate catabolism, anabolism, and energy. (USLO 3.3) APA format. Must use in-text citations from the book or PowerPoint provided. No outside sources, please. Textbook Parker, N., Schneegurt, M., Thi Tu, A., Forster, B. M., Lister, P., Allen, S., ... Franklund, C. (2016). Microbiology. OpenStax at Rice University. Retrieved from


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Distinguish Enzyme Structure: enzymes are catalysts that speed up chemical reactions in a cell. Due to this function, they change shape according to the substrate of a cell they are in. It forms shapes in a cell as they perform their work of speeding up processes. They create a different shape for every different chemical reaction in a cell (Parker et al., 2016).
Function: they act as a catalyst to all chemical reactions in a biochemical cell. They form any shape to build or repair the broken parts of the cell. They create different shapes with the substrate to make a product for use in other parts of the body (Parker et al., 2016).
Inhibition is the process by which other molecules like the substrate compete to attach to the enzyme's active site for product formation. They are competitive inhibitors and uncompetitive inhibitors (Parker et al., 2016).
 Catabolism:  catabolism is the process of breaking large molecules into small ones to produce energy. The chemical reaction within a cell involves breaking down large molecules into smaller ones and making energy used by the cell to carry out body functions (Parker et al., 2016).
Anabolism: it is the process of cells joining small molecules into larger ones. In this process, the cell consumes energy instead of producing one, making the difference between the processes; catabolism an

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