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Evaluating Different Types of Microscopes (Essay Sample)


In Chapter 1 of your text you were introduced to the different types of microscopes used in the laboratory. You can read more about these types from Khan Academy’s “Microscopy.”
In your initial post, compare and contrast each of the following types of microscopes: light, fluorescent, and electron. How is each type of microscope primarily used? (I.e., research, clinical diagnostics, etc.) What special requirements are needed to use each of these microscopes, if any? Search the web for a representative image of a human cell or tissue that was viewed with each type of microscope. Be sure to cite your source and indicate which type of microscopy was used with each image.
When responding to classmates, discuss what you believe is the greatest benefit and most significant drawback to each type of microscopy.
Khan Academy. (n.d.) Microscopy .
Your initial post should be 150–200 words long and follow APA (American Psychological Association) format. Your initial post should contain supporting resources.
Respond to two classmates. Response posts should be approximately 75–100 words.
Review Discussion Board Rubric for additional details on post quality and content
Use Times New Roman 12-point font.


Types of Microscopes
There are various types of microscopes, among them light, fluorescent, and electron microscopes. The most common type of light microscope used in laboratories is the compound microscope since it has two lenses that are used for magnifying the object. The ocular lens is the one that is closest to the eye while the objective lens is near the specimen or object (Hawkes & Spence, 2019). The light microscope also contains a condenser on the base that is used to condense rays of light. The diaphragm is used for controlling the amount of light that goes through it.

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