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Factors Leading to Childhood Obesity in the Central Valley (Essay Sample)


in two pages, discuss the factors leading to childhood obesity in the central valley.
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Factors Leading to Childhood Obesity in the Central Valley
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Factors Leading to Childhood Obesity in the Central Valley
Obesity among children in the Central Valley has become significant due to various factors associated with lifestyles. The various factors include unhealthy lifestyles, genetic heredity, environmental factors, snacks, fast food, and sugary beverages. This text elaborates on these significant aspects contributing to the increased obesity rates in children in the central valley.
First, unhealthy lifestyles amongst children and adolescents are a common factor leading to obesity. According to Chi (2017), studies show that lack of physical exercise was consistently associated with obesity. For instance,' low activity in school during break times" (p. 13) and "limited outdoor playtime" (p.13). Similarly, some lifestyles like extensive study hours and spending too much time watching TV and playing screen games are greatly associated with obesity in children.
Secondly, genetics pla

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