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Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering (Essay Sample)




Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering
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Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering
According to Bao et al. (2016), genetic engineering encapsulates various artificial techniques to modify an organism’s genetic profile. Genetic modification techniques have enabled the manipulation of various organisms to create hybrids. The ethicality of the modifications has elucidated multiple perceptions that have created a divide between supporters and naysayers. However, both groups offer valid arguments that support their beliefs. The supporters mainly argue that genetic modification has a positive impact by creating more resilient and productive hybrids. On the contrary, critics argue that engineering is likely to cause defects in organisms. Therefore, this article will highlight the significant advantages and demerits of genetic modifications.
One of the most significant advantages of genetic modifications is the creation of organisms improved traits. The primary purpose of genetic engineering is to improve the characteristics of an organism. The techniques used combine genetic material from two donors to make an improved hybrid. As a result, the engineered organism has enhanced traits and, in some instances, it increases production. For instance, incorporating blight resistance genes in potatoes significantly improved production per hectare and reduced fungicide use in Dutch farms (Lotz et al.,2020). Similarly, genetic modifications 

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