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Global health issues and universal health coverage Biomedical Essay (Essay Sample)


The writer was required to watch a documentary titled "sick around the word" and discuss three surprising issues about healthcare practices in other countries and compare with the practices in the united states of America.


Exploring Global Healthcare Systems
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Exploring Global Healthcare Systems
Response 1: The Three Surprising Things Learnt
Firstly, it is surprising that the United States is not the leading country globally in terms of providing citizens with fair access to quality and affordable healthcare. The world bank ranks the country at number 37 based on the mentioned metrics (Palfreman, 2018). This finding disagrees with the common knowledge that country’s health system is a manifestation of American exceptionalism on the world stage. Moreover, it contradicts the common knowledge that everyone in America has the right to quality and affordable healthcare.
Secondly, it had never crossed my mind that there are countries whereby people have access to quality healthcare without paying even a single cent. I always assumed people pay for the cost of medication either from their pockets or through a national health insurance plan. However, people in countries such as Britain get treatment for all medical conditions at the hospital of their choice without having to worry about medical bills or servicing a health insurance policy (Palfreman, 2018). In this county, it would be considered a scandal for somebody to go bankrupt due to a medical bill. Instead, the government runs the healthcare system on a socialism approach, whereby the medical needs of all citizens are met through taxpayers’ money. Although people generally pay higher taxes, at least the healthcare system facilitates equal access for everyone.

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