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How the Heart Works and Pumps Blood through the Human Body (Essay Sample)


Each discussion should have a minimum of 500 words or more.
1. Discuss how our heart pumps the blood throughout our body? (include systemic and pulmonary circuits).
Cite the references in APA format.


How the Heart Functions
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How the Heart Functions
The heart plays a vital role in all body functions. According to NHLBI(2021), the heart is the main organ in the cardiovascular system that carries blood to all organs and parts of the body. The heart functions without rest till one is no longer alive. The cardiovascular system ensures that blood rich in oxygen and nutrients reach all body areas, and oxygen and nutrient-depleted oxygen flows back to the lungs and the digestive system. The system comprises vessels such as veins, capillaries, and arteries, which have their specific function in specific body parts. The heart functions in a complex way that ensure all tissues and organs are sufficiently replenished with vital nutrients and componen

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