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Sex difference in Alzheimer disease. Biological & Biomedical Sciences (Essay Sample)


discuss the effect of sex on Alzheimer's disease.


Sex Difference in Alzheimer’s Disease
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1. This is a summary of the research article Alzheimer’s Dementia in both men and women. Research has shown that the disease is considerably corporate in women compared to men. Several studies have shown that AZ is reasonably related to sex difference while others have shown that sex difference is dependent on age. The most acknowledged risk elements for AD are age and apolipoprotein E (APOE). However, petite information is known on the potential effects on these factors concerning sex. Since different studies have shown dissimilar findings, there was an essence of conducting distinct research. This research was built upon earlier work with a consideration of numerous factors. The aspects were “insertion of both gender, use of semi-quantitative outcome measure, potential confounders of age and APOE E4, and the examination if age at surgical menopause could explain the observable difference between both genders.” This research included deceased participants of “longitudinal clinical-pathological studies of aging and dementia, ROS, and MAP." From the research, it was found that women had greater intensities of AD pathology and explicitly tau tangle density. It also is shown that there was no interaction between age and sex, signifying that women had higher AD pathology regardless of their age.

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