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The Risks and Benefits of the Clinical Use of Hypnosis Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was to investigate The potential Risks and Benefits of the Clinical Use of Hypnosis


The Risks and Benefits of the Clinical Use of Hypnosis
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The Risks and Benefits of the Clinical Use of Hypnosis
Hypnosis has a reputation of being a tricky practice performed for entertainment. However, there is a growing recognition of the potential of hypnosis for clinical healthcare practice. Three benefits of the clinical use of hypnosis are its potential for the control of anxiety in dentistry, as complementary support during perioperative periods and for the management of somatic complaints in adolescents. The considerable research confirms a helpful role of hypnotic techniques in lowering the anxiety level of patients, as well as the perception of pain (Rucker, 2018). Studies have also found that clinical hypnosis during the perioperative periods can support patients by boosting the immune system, reducing pain and anxiety at a low cost, which has created interest by surgical healthcare organizations and hospitals (Potié, Roelants, Pospiech, Momeni & Watremez, 2016). The use of clinical hypnosis has helped adolescents in the therapy of somatic complaints such as abdominal pain and headaches in conjunction with depression, stress, and trauma (Sawni & Breuner, 2017). The use of hypnosis results in better interventions for patients because they are more comfortable and less anxious, even without the use of drugs. The application of this practice often leads to better outcomes in relation to many invasive therapies and chronic conditions.

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