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Stress in Nursing Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


stress management practices in nursing


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Nursing students face vast amounts of stress. The mental and physical stress comes from the complexity of the education and the study hours that one is expected to undertake. Due to this, nursing students must have a stress management regime that will enable them to handle the stressors. According to Saleh et al. (2018), the prevalence of mental health issues among university students is high. The number is so high that over 80 percent of the students feel tired, with over 50 percent of them with anxiety and depression. Self-care Is a vital tool to reduce these stresses.
As a nursing student, handling stress is vital and contributes to the overall care of the patients. The self-care routine involves doing things that help distract from strenuous learning and practice. The routine involves going shopping, eating, and watching movies. Not only do these activities relieve stress, but they also allow me to spend time with relatives and family. It is an essential routine that distracts my mind and helps with the removal of fatigue. Seeing people at the mall and the salon is a good motivator in ensuring that I stay focused on the nursing calling.
In conclusion, stress management practices are

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