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Varicose Veins: Risk Factors, And Nursing Interventions (Essay Sample)


the paper required a write up of varicose veins, the risk factors, and nursing interventions and their rationale.


Paper Title
Varicose veins refer to the swelling and enlargement of veins (Ratini, 2015). It results from valves’ inability to prevent blood backflow hence collecting in the veins (NHS, 2014). In this discussion, we shall look at risk factors, clinical presentations, and nursing interventions.
Risk Factors
Mayo Clinic (2016) identifies the following risk factors for varicose veins.
Advanced Age: Loose valves in aged people don’t prevent backflow of blood in veins resulting accumulation of blood in veins.
Gender: Hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, hormone replacement therapy and use of contraceptives by women relax veins.
Genetic make-up: This condition is known to pass from parents to the offspring. It is, therefore, a hereditary disorder.
Obesity: Excessive weight puts a lot of pressure on the veins. For this reason, they work harder to deliver blood to the heart which makes susceptible to leakage.
Standing or sitting for long: Being in the same position for long hampers the proper flow of blood. This a major concern for people whose jobs demand long sitting or standing hours.
Pregnancy: Increased blood during pregnancy and pressure exerted on the pelvic strains veins hence the risk of developing varicose veins (NHS, 2014). Other minor factors that would put one at risk of developing varicose veins include a blood clot, pelvic tumor and abnormal blood vessels (NHS, 2014).
Clinical Presentations
According to the Mayo Clinic (2016), symptoms of varicose veins include purple or blue, twisted and enlarged veins, especially on legs. In severe cases, symptoms may include pain, burning, throbbing, cramping of muscles and swelling in legs, severe pain especially after sitting or standing for long, itchy veins, bleeding of swollen veins, skin discoloration and hardening of veins or skin inflammation.
Nursing Interventions
The following are some of the nursing intervention for varicose veins, specifically for acute pain related to tissue ischemia secondary, and their related rationales
* Encourage bed rest especially during the acute phase
* Encourage and help the patient to frequently change positions
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