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Apple (slowed-down phones as a sales tool). Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)




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Apple (slowed-down phones as a sales tool)
Apple is a multibillion company seen to thrive in technology and communication sector. However, in 2017 the company was stricken by a conspiracy theory of slowing down the old iPhone models. In the critics, Apple forced their customers to replace their old iPhones with new models to make more profits (Chernyshev et al., 2017). For years, many company managers have adopted this strategy to make more profits for their companies neglecting the fact that most customers may not be in a position to cope with the new models. Notably, for those who were affected accused the company of malpractices which was termed as an ethical issue. The unfairness has attracted two key players following the lawsuit by the customers and the ongoing investigations of the company. For a conspiracy to be termed as an ethical issue, the shareholders, the managers and the employees must be investigated. Therefore, proving the act of Apple slowing down their old model phones as an ethical issue is relevant in this paper.
On 18th December 2017, a blog post blaming Apple Company for slowing their old iPhone speed began the conspiracy. In defense, the company responded by confirming that their updates were slowing down the speed of the old models but were meant to prolong battery life (Chernyshev et al., 2017). As evident in most businesses, shareholders are involved in any business decisions their company would take to better customer services but this was not the case for Apple Company on the 21st of December 2017. This ethical controversy brought a lot of trust issues for the shareholders. There was fear of losing bulk amounts for the stakeholders if customers declined their products.

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