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Client Consent to Share Client Information (Essay Sample)


Confidentiality in the medical setting refers to “the principle of keeping secure and secret from others, information given by or about an individual in the course of a professional relationship. Outline the need of client confidentiality during healthcare collaboration. be sure to ADDRESS; Client Consent to Share Client Information, the Kind of Information That Should Not Be Disclosed Without Client Authorization, and The Value of Collaboration with Other Professionals in Meeting the Needs of the Client. you will be required to present your CONCLUSIONs (The need for confidentiality) in class during our next session.


Client Consent to Share Client Information
During collaboration in healthcare between medical practitioners, clients may become guarded with the information that is to be discussed. However, since collaboration is imperative in healthcare, it is important to share client information only with their consent. Practitioners can minimize client concerns by informing them about the importance of sharing relevant information with those who provide supportive care (Grando et al., 2017). The client should be informed about what information will be shared, how it will be shared and who will have access. The practitioner can also alleviate client concern by informing them how their information is protected by the government. By law, client information is to be kept private and safe by all medical practitioners and facilities.
Discuss the Kind of Information That Should Not Be Disclosed Without Client Authorization (Exceptions to Confidentiality)
The kind of information that cannot be disclosed without client authorization includes personally-identifiable information that would violate the client’s right to privacy. This includes client information that is protected by laws such as the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) (Moore, 2019). It also includes financial information, identification and passwords used to access patient record, and health information that is not in the public domain. This information may either be in electronic, oral or written form. Improperly disclosing this information can harm the client and may lead to law suits for the practitioners involved and the institution.

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