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Critical Issues Hotel Managers Must Consider When Operating Multi-Nationally (Essay Sample)


Critical Issues That Hotel Managers Must Consider

Individual Critical thinking Paper (Individual, 20%)
Check the schedule to find out 1) who is in your group; and 2) the link for your assigned article, 3) the presentation assigned to your group for the Q&A.
Note: Your presentation slides and critical thinking paper (response to the critical thinking questions below) are due the day before your class presentation date.
Please follow these steps - if you have any questions - ask - I'm here to support you.
Using the instructions below, you will analyze an assigned article.The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your critical thinking.
First, skim read the article assigned to you and make notes. Next, carefully read the article and consider your responses to the following questions.
In your paper answer the following questions:
The main purpose of this article is __________ .
State as accurately as possible the author’s purpose for writing the article)
The key question that the author is addressing is ______________ .
(Figure out the key question in the mind of the author(s) when s/he wrote the article)
The most important information in this article is ________________ .
(Identify the facts, experiences and data the author is using to support his/her conclusions)
The main inferences/conclusions in this article are ____________ .
(Identify the key conclusions the author comes to and presents in the article)
The key concepts to understand in this article are:___________. By these concepts the author means__________ .
(What are the important ideas you would have to understand to fully understand the author’s line of reasoning)
The main assumption(s) underlying the author's thinking is (are)________________ .
(What is the author taking for granted)
If we take this line of reasoning seriously, the implications are _________ .
(How could an HR manager apply the author's findings? What could he/she do?)
If we fail to take this line of reasoning seriously, the implications are ________________ .
(If an HR manager did not take this line of reasoning seriously - what could be the implications?)
After reading the article imagine you are an HR manager and you have time to ask the author three questions. What three questions would you ask and why and how would you respond? In what ways do you want to continue the conversation? Include in your analysis reference to TWO more academic articles and ONE more industry article to support your responses.
Paper length: 1,200 words to answer Questions 1 through 8 and 500 - 600 words to answer Question 9.ider When Operating Multi-Nationally .


Today many international hotel chains have been forced to integrate with global distribution systems and utilize various operation and marketing techniques. These global distribution systems offer both challenges and opportunities for hotel managers. Thus, with increased globalization and global competition, hotel managers have to respond to various issues that are different from their traditional markets. Globalization has forced some hotels to blend into local markets, thereby losing their authenticity and uniqueness. In this essay, I will examine some critical issues that hotel managers must consider when operating multi-nationally.
Hotel managers must analyze their business structure and strategic goals to understand some of the critical success factors in their industry. These critical success factors are areas in which hotels must excel to survive in their respective markets. According to Karatepe, Hsieh & Aboramadan (2022), the critical success factors in the hotel industry have been rapidly changing in the recent past, driven by global factors and increasingly high customer expectations.
Managers must assess the hotel locations as a critical success factor. Traditionally managers have been focused on locations as one of the most crucial success factors for managing their business. Even today, location, especially its accessibility, is important. A hotel should be located strategically to ensure customers can easily access and enjoy its services and amenities(Sturman Corgel, & Verma,2011). For example, hotel managers must ensure that their facilities are located in places with good transport infrastructure and weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions such as constant floods, earthquakes, or tornadoes may significantly affect hotel 

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