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Walmart: Mission Statement and Competitive Advantage (Essay Sample)


1) To discuss an organization that has really lived its mission statement.
2) i was required to discuss one element of competitive advantage that i have experienced.
3) The task also required one to provide an example of diversification experienced or heard about, and link a website or news article in the discussion.


Mission Statement
Based on my personal experience, one company that has really “lived” its mission statement is Walmart. The mission of Walmart is to build a sustainable future, create opportunity, advance inclusion, equity, and diversities, and bring communities together (Walmart, 2023). One way in which the entity has lived its mission is by employing people from different backgrounds. For instance, in some of the Walmart’s stores that I have visited, I have observed that there are employees from different races who work for the organization. In addition, Walmart has numerous stores in many countries around the world, and this has created a lot of job opportunities.
Moreover, operating as a multinational company has provided an opportunity for other businesses to thrive. For instance, 

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