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Discussion Board (Essay Sample)


It was a discussion board about the most significant learning outcome expected from the course


Discussion Board Assignment
Student’s Name
My most significant learning outcome in this course
This was by far the most exciting class I attended. It was more interesting, considering that it was a live session. I was intrigued by how big companies like general motors can run smoothly despite having a large workforce and numerous challenges. I learned how different personnel works hand in hand to ensure the smooth running of the enterprise. The session was fun to participate in as the professor used much humor to explain some of the complex terms involved in the motor vehicle industry. The session seemed to resonate well with me since I am a car enthusiast. I was fascinated with how the company officials can keep the company's secrets despite the involvement of so many chains of command. I learned how they employed different techniques in marketing, promoting, and preserving their brand. The benefits of technology were also well illustrated.
How did participating in discussions how in your understanding of the subject matter? Is anything unclear which could still be clarified?
The study was enjoyable and deeply engaging, and I was never bored, even for a single moment. I was able to connect well with the topic considering that it was a live session. It was made more understandable since the tutor had a question an

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