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Fault Tolerance, Redundancy and Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) (Essay Sample)


Fault tolerance is an important concept for organizations and security professionals to thoroughly understand. Describe each of the following terms, and explain how they relate to fault tolerance. Refer back to the unit's assigned readings as needed.
Single point of failure
Redundant array of independent disks (RAID)
Load balancing
In your professional reply to your peers, share additional insights regarding their descriptions of the terminology and how they related the terms to fault tolerance.
2 pages


Fault Tolerance
Fault Tolerance
In critical sectors like health, the critical nature of data and information requires systems that give maximum tolerance to fault without compromising system availability, integrity and security. An operational fault is a change in the way logic variables work together in a system. This refers to the immediate consequence of wrong interaction with a system or a physical failure event. They can be a temporary malfunction, a permanent component failure, or an external interference with system operations (Gan et al., 2018). In an organization, fault tolerance avoids the possibility that the system's functionality becomes unavailable because of a fault in components. It is imperative to develop fault-tolerant mechanisms in an organization for systems to continue operating if there is a failure in components. Organizations need to find ways of maintaining functionality since a small failure can result in a complete breakdown. A fault-tolerant system can continue with the regular operation, though at a reduced level.

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