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Employment Life Cycle (Essay Sample)


Recruitment and selection...describe one idea you have that managers could implement that would increase or improve engagement at that stage.


Employment Life Cycle
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Recruitment and Selection
Employment lifecycle is a very important task in the human resource department tasked with recruiting the company’s work force (The Times 100, n.d). The purpose of recruitment and selection is to get the best candidates as possible who can work for the organization diligently to ensure that it meets its goals and objectives. The human resource department is tasked with looking for competent individuals to work for the organization. Recruitment and selection is the core stage in any organization and determines whether the company will have success or not. This is so because if the company recruits competent staff it is bound to gain a lot of success in its working; otherwise if this process is undertaken shoddily it may lead to dismal performance and low benefits by the company (The Times 100, n.d).
In the recruitment and selection process the managers should always look out for the best candidates considering both the academic qualifications, experience in the job and other factors such as levels of interests of the candidates in undertaking the jobs being filled (The Times 100, n.d). The recruitment process sets the pace and gives the candidates the overview of what they expect in their time working with the organization for that time and in the future. The managers should institute measures to ensure that they attract competent and professional individuals to take up the job responsibilities they are seeking to fill in their organization. Measures to undertake this include publicizing the information about the available vacancies in all electronic media together with the printing and publishing media to ensure that the information reaches all qualified candidates who may be interested in taking part in the interviews and working with the company offering the jobs. To attract more qualified individuals the recruitment and selection team should give detailed descriptions of the roles to be undertaken by the successful candidates. They should give adequate descriptions of the responsibilities and roles that the persons being sought will be expected to undertake once they are employed by the organization (The Times 100, n.d).
To ensure that the organization gets the best candidates in terms of performance, experience and competency to the roles and the responsibilities as stipulated, the interviewing process should be free, fair and competitive. This implies that the selection team should ensure that all the candidates undertake the same and equal measure of competency to ensure that they are gauged using the same levels and also ensure uniformity in the recruitment of all candidates (The Times 100, n.d). During the recruitment and selection process, the selection team should embark on giving the potential employees the right image of their organization or company. This is through getting them to understand the company’s goals and mission together with the factors that bring pride to the company. This is aimed at making the employees conversant with the mission, goals and the achievements of the company in its area of operation to ensure that they gain the sense of being in right place and point in their career. This will be an important move in ensuring that as the potential employees are being incorporated into the company they do not have a hard time getting into the system and high performance is guaranteed from them (The Times 100, n.d).
In addition to showing the extent of seriousness the organization is in achieving its mission; the selection team should also be very flexible and offer fair and competitive salaries in the negotiations. A competitive package is the initial morale booster to any employee who gets involved in the business operation of any company. The recruitment team should also give an overview of the working and organization of the company together with the transitional chances that one can undergo while working for the company (The Times 100, n.d). This will give good insights into the amount of success that one can expect to achieve while working for the company. Understanding the roles and responsibilities will enable the employee to be more committed to the company and the company will benefit from this significantly. Letting them understand their roles and expectations from them will ensure that the employees are incorporated well into the team and ensures that they feel being a part of the organization. Offering good contractual terms to the potential employees will make them attain a sense of being wanted and appreciated in the organization. Good terms give the employees pride and a lot of excitement working with the organization and ability to love what they are doing which will ensure that the organization benefits from this. Engaging the potential employees during recruitment ensures that the organization employs the most competent workforce. This will be a very positive step since it will ensure less work to the training and orientation team in incorporating the employee in to the team. The initial build up of interest in the employee is very important as it ensures that the employee gains the pride that is enjoyed by all the members of the employee’s team and gives a good start to the alignment of the employee towards working for the organization diligently towards achievement of the set goals (The Times 100, n.d).
The build up to the recruitment and selection process is also very vital as it gives the potential employees the general overview of the organization. The recruitment and selection team ensures that it reveals the company in the best competitive way possible at the same time ensuring that the picture i...
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