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Ethical and Social Responsive Business (Essay Sample)


The task was about giving a critique of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc code of ethics. In this regard, the sample identifies some of the company\'s code of ethics after which it gives critique of the codes.

Ethical and Social Responsive Business
Institution affiliation

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. is basically a chain of thrilling restaurants in United States, Canada, France, and United Kingdom, specialized in tacos and burritos. The company’s mission statement states; “Food with Integrity”, thus highlighting its efforts in utilizing organic ingredients in the preparation of its food. Critically, Chipotle lays emphasis on high standards of ethics and integrity in all its operations and fosters compliance with provisions of the law. Its code of conduct is supposed to be followed promptly by employees, Board of Director, and officers. Most importantly, the document is a guide to rational and ethical behaviour within the company’s premises. Owing to the above alluded facts, this writing seeks to give a coherent critique of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc code of ethics.
Key Areas of the Company’s Code of Conduct
The company’s business success is largely attributed to its unique and employee appealing code of conduct. Discussed hereby are key areas in Chipotle’s code of conduct.
Open Door Policy
The company has an open door policy with regard to any concern or unrest relating to conformity with its Code of Conduct, along with other company’s regulations and policies. In this regard, Chipotle stresses that no one can be victimized by raising any concern out of good faith (Hitt, Hoskisson, & Ireland, 2013).
This aspect has a significant business value as it enables the company to ascertain various business gaps existing between it and its competitors. In the long run, the company is able to develop viable policies that are in accordance to the existing market trends. Similarly, through this key aspect, the company is able to fulfill employee satisfaction through enactment of policies that conform to diverse employee needs.
Compliance with the Code
Chipotle stresses that in the event that one identifies a breach of its code or any of its policy, then the individual should report the matter in a specific manner as stipulated in the “Chipotle Confidential”. Thereafter, the company will protect the anonymity of the individual who reported the violation, as well as the provisions relation to the subject of investigation.
This aspect is very critical since it empowers individuals to expose any kind of violation within the company without fear of being publicized. As a result, mischievous actions in the company are identified at an early stage prompting appropriate actions to be taken.
Integrity Statement
Chipotles integrity statement is confined within the company’s Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy, which vividly lays emphasis on adherence to integrity. Here, individuals are expected to stick to exceptional ethical standards, through honesty and wise judgment. Besides, employees are required to desist from activities that create conflict between their own interests and Chipotle interests. Most importantly, all transactions within the company are supposed to be in accordance to both the letter and spirit of the law.
This provision is very paramount to the business success as it demystifies behaviors that fall short of organizational integrity. Moreover, through this provision, its members are able to avoid transactions that can harm the financial stability of the company.
Protection and Use of Company Assets
Chipotle disallows use of company assets, information, or labor for per...
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