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Analysis of marketing strategies of Toyota Company UK (Essay Sample)


Analysis of marketing strategies of Toyota Company UK

Analysis of marketing strategies of Toyota Company UK
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In today’s market, the objective of every firm has been directed to identifying a unique capability so as to attain competitive advantage in the marketplace by ensuring that their competencies are well utilized (Akwetey, 2011). Organizations are therefore not supposed to be confined to their functional domains, but should move across boundaries. Currently, organizations in developing countries operate in a complex environment and with full of regulations (Babu, 2007).
In developing a product therefore, firms through the management should consider establishing a competitive advantage. Organizations are therefore called through this so as to review their strategic capabilities as one of their key things so that they can stand the changing demands with the changing time. It is through this therefore that an analysis is carried out in Toyota Motor Corporation so that as to identify strategic capabilities in the current situation where competition it continuing to be stiff within the automotive industry which will in turn turns out to be Toyota’s strengths in automobile industry (Burkitt & Zealley 2007).
Toyota Background
Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational corporation being the send largest marker of automobiles, robots, trucks, and provision financial services to it clients (Doole, & Lowe 2008). They also produce sewing machines that have been spread to all parts of the globe. Basing on the global structure of Toyota Corporation, it has numerous factories that are located nearly in all the countries so as to serve the local markets. Examples of countries that have huge factories for assembling Toyotas include; United Kingdom, Mexico, United Nation, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Philippines, South Africa and Turkey among others. Its headquarters is situated in Toyota, Aichi in Japan (Kew, Stredwick, J. & development, 2005).
Apart from cars production and other automobile types, Toyota is famous for rallying participation (Michigan, 2008). Being the leading automobile manufacturer and production, a philosophic production system has been adopted by the company and is termed Toyota Way (Muller, 2011).
PESTLE Analysis
It is at this time that the Toyota has been called to accelerate its investment so that they get in touch with the new technologies, overcoming, geo-political, environmental, economical and societal reasons (Watson, & Noble, 2007).
Through an observation made by analysts, there is a continuous progress that is disastrous moves that may lead the industry to socio-politico-economic hardships (Williams, 2004). The problems have alarmed the company is the fact that they have realized a flat demand and their creation of varied range of vehicles that have not been responded well by the buyer (Babu, 2007).
The company has also been affected by the policies set by the government and how the banks earn is not impressing (Dupre, & Proramme, U.N 2005).
The company in the United Kingdom has been greatly influence by politic to an extent that developing countries have feared establishing an automobile industry in their own countries. In the UK currently, Toyota Company is being run by a few firms which are better off financially, emotionally and politically (Watson, & Noble, 2007). This has not enabled the company deal with the political side of their environment so well. They opted to be good technically, despite its poor long-term option presentation in their efforts to achieve a clear implication of choices.
Toyota Company being in the automobile industry has boosted the economy of United Kingdom by a greater percentage. The United Kingdom considers Toyota Company as a pillar in the industry. It is through Toyota Company that steel business, plastic industry and glass sector has been promoted efficiently in the United Kingdom that also act as a major pillar of the UK economy.
The company has been considered a corner stone in the economic progress in the United Kingdom especially in the twentieth century. Despite its contributions in the economy, Toyota Company and automobile industry as a whole has been faced with economic difficulties in terms of structural schisms. The company has experienced an ever reduction in its profits with stagnating sales. The company has almost reached a point of hopelessness in its production because they have seen as if they are wasting their economic resources. It is therefore the company’s responsibility to analyze the economic phenomenon within the industry so as to realize desirable results in the near future (Akwetey, 2011).
The United Kingdom’s Toyota Company has greatly affected its entire society. The company in the UK has directly employed over 10,000 people and over 100,000 people indirectly. Through Toyota Company’s products people have achieved mobility with much ease thereby their lives and work have been greatly changed. Some of the aspects that the company has change within the social environment include commuting long distances with much ease, luggage being ferried to different parts of United Kingdom without straining (Dupre, & Proramme, U.N 2005).
The Toyota Company operates in an awesome scale to an extent that its influences are so huge that it is always hard to identify. As the UK Toyota Company is embracing on technological diversities, they should also consider new investments but on the other hand be assured of risks and uncertainties that will be encountered in the long run (Muhlbacher, Leihs & Dahringer, 2006).
In the UK Toyota Company, over Hundredths of thousands of cars and vehicles are produced weekly, this are basically the most complicated products of their type in producing mass volumes. The company has employed a cutting edge manufacturing technology. Though the UK Company has achieved this ability to employ the latest technologies, coordination skills have not yet been achieved. Emotional sensitivities and intellect capabilities in the electronic technologies have not maximized fully by the industry (Akwetey, 2011).
The UK Company should look forward to utilizing the upcoming opportunities that may arise due to energy starvation caused by climbing oil prices. To achieve this, the UK Company should ensure that it employs appropriate technologies so as to meet them (Muhlbacher, Leihs & Dahringer, 2006).
The UK Toyota Company has been faced with a number of technicalities and regulations and legislation that are linked with nature. Some of these legislations may be competition laws, consumer protection and taxation, intellectual property law and laws governing emissions (Muhlbacher, Leihs & Dahringer, 2006). After the company had reached its full development, they made an effort to ac...
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