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IMC FINAL PLAN. Business & Marketing Assignment. (Essay Sample)


"you will create a marketing plan for your organization that incorporates IMC. This is meant to build on what you've done to date, so please be sure you've incorporated my feedback from previous assignments and are consistent with what you've already proposed. "
Please follow the guideline and requirements. Also refer to Juska.
for my selected org-pmCAN, please see “Jin_Organization Selection & Channel Audit”
for my audience persona, please see “Persona-Funway” (note that we only have one target audience, one persona)
for my IMC objectives, please see “IMC objectives”
For my IMC consumer research, please see “IMC-Consumer Research”
For my IMC creative brief, please see “IMC_Creative Brief Template_Campaign”
also, pmCAN studio:Here is the web of pmCAN


Institutional Affiliation
Course Code
* Introduction
The development of a marketing plan is an important step towards the realization of organizational success. The marketing plan helps in the process of identifying the needs of the customers, evaluating whether the organization has the needed capacity to meet the needs of the customers, and also help in the development of a viable mission statement and strategies for meeting the expected market needs. In this study, the major focus is on the development of the marketing plan for the PmCAN video production studio. The company is a business whose major focus is on the production of video content for different customers. The business has also been evolving to include other services for its customers including; the creation of video content using modern advanced technologies. The business has also been focusing on the transformation of the simple ideas presented by their customers into appealing visual content. The business’ goal has been the enhancement of its competitive edge in the market, by ensuring that it services its customers well and with diligence. The other goal of the business is to ensure that it has enhanced its market reputation and enhance its credibility through the creation of appealing visual content with lasting effect, attain a higher social media engagement, and also stimulates its users to perform a call to action. However, the business seeks to enhance its market awareness, and enhance its competitive advantages in the market. The current marketing channels for the business include; the use of social media platforms.
* Target Audience
The target audiences for PmCAN are musicians who need video production for their brand or personal albums or solo music (pmCAN, 2020). Through the business expertise and the use of highly developed technologies, PmCAN maximizes its competencies and proficiencies, therefore, helping the musicians to have better video productions for their short films and their music. Many musicians need high-quality videos at an affordable price, which is a hard thing for many to attain since various businesses focus on the generation of money from the musicians while providing low-quality videos. There are many roles that a good music video plays in the development of the musician’s career, while also helping to capture the attention of the market and enhance the competitive advantage of the musician in the market. PmCAN cares about the welfare of the musicians, by ensuring that there is the production of high-quality videos that can be used to enhance the development of better systems of attaining the set success levels for the musicians.
Through the production of quality videos for the musicians, PmCAN ensures that it builds its reputation in the market while increasing the number of customers drawn to the business (Florea, 2017). The person for this study is a friend, who has a great passion for music, and who has been doing his music productions through an online music production workshop. The friend is single, and currently, a freelance musician studying at New York University (NYU). 

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