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The Life of Warren Buffet Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


After reading Chapter 7 and 8 of the Book True North, the paper required the student to analyze the sweet spot of Warren Buffet.


The Life of Warren Buffet
The Life of Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet is among the richest and the shrewdest investors of all time. He is famously referred to as the Oracle of Omaha ("Warren Buffett", 2015). He is known to advocate for hard work and consistency in order to be successful rather than being talented. With as much as Warren Buffet is considered wealthy, he this has not put him out of touch with humanity and he is a great philanthropist who has started various charities to help the poor and needy people within the society ("Warren Buffett", 2015). From his interview with Bill George, we get to understand the early life of Warren buffet as a stockbroker (George, Sims, & Gergen, 2013). His job entailed networking with potential clients and thereafter selling them some shares. We come to understand that this job did not quite interest him due to the fact that it involved enticing customers to purchase shares that would not be of much value to their lives. Buffet felt that this line of work derogated his inherent values that required him to uphold honesty. His policy to date is putting the interest of the customers first and that is why he left his work as a stock broker to work at Benjamin Graham's firm.
It is true to say that Warren Buffet found his sweet spot while working as a stockbroker. A Sweet spot is an intersection where the things that one undertakes to do things they are good at and things they enjoy and get monetary or financial benefit from them. Buffet's sweet spot revolved around ensuring that his work promoted the interests of his customers. The stock brokerage failed to do this since it involved false representation and enticing customers on frivolous assertions. As soon as Buffet found his sweet spot he decided to leave the stock brokerage to work for Benjamin Graham.
Graham’s firm provided Buffet with a platform where he could realize his sweet spot. It was evident that Buffet enjoyed the work he was doing at his new firm which was concerned with evaluating the value of stocks and various companies. After this evaluation was done, they would undertake to acquire the low-priced stocks or companies that they felt would be feasible for business ("Warren Buffett", 2015). During the interview wi...
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