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My Reflective Essay on Supply Chain Management (Essay Sample)


WRITE a reflective easy on supply chain management, explain how it has AFFECTED your way of living. dISCUSS THE BENEFITS OF DOING THIS PARTICULAR COURSE AND HOW IT HAS IMPROVED YOUR WORK IN AS A SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGER.


Reflective Essay
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Reflective Essay
Supply Chain Management is an exciting course to study and practice in; before joining this class, I had a vague idea of what it was all about. SCM entails handling the flow of goods or services, starting from production up to the consumer level. Working as a Supply Chain manager has taught me many exciting things that I didn't know before. Some challenges in the transportation and logistics sector have affected my way of living. The course has facilitated my success in this field because of the many valuable topics I have learned during my course study.
Logistics is the management of the flow of goods or services from manufacture to consumer. Researchers have suggested a higher rate at which innovation is developing in the transport sector. The logistics business has struggled to keep up with the evolving technology. There are some of the challenges that logistics experts encounter along the way; one is a higher cost of fuel; when the prices increase, transportation costs become very high. The second Logistic challenge is environmental issues where the compliance cost exceeds the profit and has created concern.
Another Logistics challenge is the implementation of Technology strategy. Many companies conquer the idea to implement Technology strategies. Still, they find themselves in a dilemma on who will help them implement them. The fourth Logistics Challenge is the shortage of drivers and their maintenance. Fuel increase leads to rising inflation and increases credit crisis; this leads us to our fifth challenge, the economy.
Improved customer service has increased, and customers are well informed and are willing to pay higher as long as they get their products as fast as possible. One of the challenges that Transportation enterprises face is Supply Chain Integration. People can buy and sell goods from different parts of the world, making it difficult to oversee the universal flow of demand and supply. Transport administration can now enable companies to handle some of the demanding integration. The second is changing customer expectations, customers have become well informed, and they want a company that will work according to their precise requirements. The transport experts expected to develop a comprehensive system so that the client has all the information about every move of the product.
The third challenge is the growing digital requirements. When it comes to Information Technology systems, some of the transport enterprises have lacked behind. The transport experts have to change this by solving the underlying issue before jumping into the new digital wagon. The number four is the digital revolution; the transport expert has no choice but to keep up with the digital world's changing digital world. Another challenge is core system transformation. Transport firms need to know their core value so that the stakeholder can comprehend the business. The final challenge is proactive cyber security. Most companies have transitioned to the digital world, and on the other hand, cybercrime has increased; these have led to many companies experiencing an attack by cyberhackers.
These challenges have affected my way of living in one way or another. In my first week working as Supply Chain Manager, I realized that my company, which I am currently working at, had a very poor digital transformation. To stay competitive, I had to develop strategies to transform it to match the current digital market. I encountered some challenges getting the good companies to do the work, but finally, I came across an excellent company and did a fantastic job. My company is now enjoying up to date digital technology, and this have increased the logistics and transportation system, customers are well satisfied.
There was a time I wanted a TV set, and I hurriedly went online, then I found this particular website selling TV sets at a relatively low price. I am those kinds of people who like saving a lot, so I bought it online only to realize later that the company never existed and those were just a bunch of thieves; this changed my way of buying products online. I came to realize there are genuine companies as well as fake companies. The number one advantage of Logistic is that it enhances the distribution network by ensuring that you have an excellent Logistic system with different logistic operators and ensuring the customer's safety.
Number two is cost reduction, the availability of developed facilities that are effective and efficient has reduced transport costs. Another advantage is delivery execution at a reduced time frame. Delivery has become sufficient, and the customers want their goods as fast as they can. There are a few disadvantages of logistics enterprises where these entities are international. Thus, it's challenging for small businesses to associate themselves. Number two is the cost of transport due to the higher cost of fuel. Legality about entry and exit to different states, some goods are not legal in some states or countries, thus creating entry problems. Supply Chain Profession is a required course in this field Logistics and Transportation enterprises.
I have learned many different ways to reduce the risk; The Supply Chain Manager ought to follow the safety standard and meet all the guidelines. As profe

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