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Negotiation Reflection Paper Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


The task is about negotiations skills and experinces


Negotiation Reflection Paper
ADM4878 (Fall 2020)
What to write about?
The course outline specifies the scope of the reflection paper as follows:
“Write a 12-15 pages long paper on at least three instances of negotiation situations that you have recently encountered. Of these three situations, one should be indicative of distributive bargaining, one indicative of win-win negotiation, and the third related to multi-party negotiation. You should apply as many analytical tools as possible in this paper. You should also evaluate each of these negotiations to derive learning points from them. You will make a presentation about your paper to the class, and the finished paper will be due on December 10, 2020.”
How to structure it?
This is a paper. It should have at least an introduction, the main body, and conclusion. However, it is not just a paper but a reflection paper. You have to reflect on your negotiation experience and write about it. This should come out in the introduction section of the paper.
In your main body of the paper you need to have three parts—description of your negotiation experience, its analysis (what principles you used; what strategies and tactics you used to get what you wanted; what outcome was achieved.), and learning points (what did you learn from the analysis of the case---did you get what you wanted to get in that particular negotiation? If you did not, why not? Did you have a BATNA? What are the learning points you could derive from this case? Remember, you need to have three cases—distributive negotiation, win-win negotiation, and a multi-party negotiation. And you need to have (a) description of the case, (b) analysis, and (c) learning points for each of the cases.
In the concluding paragraph/s, you need to reflect on how the analysis of the three cases of your own past negotiation experience and course material you lear

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